Hope? More Like Prayer And Repenting

Good job Augusta with rejecting SPLOST and kudos to Rick Allen for avoiding a runoff.  Ron Thigpen’s replacement was selected.  Other than that, we got nothing to celebrate.  Voter turnout was terrible.  The Republican Establishment candidates won across Georgia and the rest of the US.  Then we have Ron Cross and almost 7,000 votes, or 60% and that’s what makes us lose hope.  How could the few Columbia County voters elect him again?

When we’re wrong, we admit it.  We said there’s nothing to celebrate. It turns out there is.  In one of the closest races ever, the votes have been certified a few minutes ago…Brian Slowinski Brian Slowinski Brian Slowinski took almost 2% of the vote and hogged more than 1000 votes, 1024 to be exact.  His 2% is almost 1 for each time he demands that his name is repeated.  2% isn’t even a standard margin of error.  How much did he spend for each vote?  If you consider that he scooped them up from 25 counties you will see that it’s 41 votes per county.  WHOA!  How did he do in his home County?  10.22%.  He took 132 votes from Columbia County where he finished 5th out of 7 in the county.  Columbia inflated his 41 vote average per county.  We wonder how the dumbest video ever made influenced the voters. 

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