We Endorse

Those of us here at the Viewpoint will go vote on Tuesday.  We’re voting (most of us are voting for the same people) for some pretty good people and ask you to join us.


We don’t much like Ron Cross and we probably never ever will.  He’s running against Jim Bartley.  Some of us have done business with Bartley many years ago and will vouch for his good work at a fair price.  We know all about Ron Cross and his rule as chairman.  His record speaks for itself.  We want him gone.  We like what Bartley says, his record as a builder, and the way he handled the attacks the Cross people launched (see the Metro Spirit articles).  We endorse Jim Bartley.


We like Helen Blocker-Adams and Alvin Mason because they came out against the SPLOST in a city that voted heavy for the TSPLOST.  Adams’ latest news about $70,000 in judgments can be forgiven.  But the dozens of eviction notices tells us that something more is going on.  Financial troubles is nothing new.  But Adams kept it all inside and to us it looks like she had no one to turn to for help.  She’s proud, we get it.  But as Mayor of Augusta will she keep it inside?  As for Alvin Mason, who knows what happened with his wife or ex-wife?  Plus he’s a commissioner and the Augusta commission is not very stable, so do we want him to run the ship?  Of all the candidates, Adams and Mason will do a better job than the others.


Nathan Deal’s record is not impressive and we don’t think that he deserves another term.  State education Superintendent John Barge didn’t yell loud against Common Core.  David Pennington is Covington’s mayor. He’s endorsed Democrats before, but we like how he shoots straight and warned Georgia about TSPLOST and knows how to lead.  We endorse David Pennington.


Paul Broun has the record of a fighter and stands up for this country and the Constitution.  We want him in the senate for a 6 year term.


His name is Brian Slowinski, Brian Slowinski, Brian Slowinski.  What’s his name?  Brian Slowinski.  Good, now you know who not to vote for.  Paul Broun cannot be replaced, but we like Collins and Hice.  You pick.


We’re split over this.  We don’t want Yu or Dutton.  What we know about Yu and his campaign finance paperwork tells us he can’t be trusted.  Dutton jumped into the race at the last minute, probably at the request of John Boehner because Rick Allen and John Stone came out and said that Boehner needs to be replaced.  Stone has run a few times before and seems to have his campaign run every time by Richmond County and Columbia County Republican party people who drive people away.  Stone is conservative and would do a good job if he gets rid of those who drive away regular people from getting involved.  Rick Allen ran in 2012 and was victim of Lee Anderson’s slimy attack mob but didn’t respond with the truth.  We’re concerned that Allen won’t fight back against John Barrow.  Some of us have done business with Allen and will vouch for his integrity.  We endorse Rick Allen by a 4:1 margin.


We don’t know.  Both are smart people who seem decent.  Problem…..a bunch of Doug Duncan signs are right there with Ron Cross signs.  There’s even some places that have Slowinski signs right there with them.  Chaudry gets the nod.


Ron Cross sparring partner and son in law and Scott Dean campaign manager and Austin Rhodes fill in Mike Sleeper has a challenger in Staten Heard.  We have heard Heard say some dumb things and call for hiring more black teachers.  We’re against quotas and want the best hired and we don’t care what color or gender they are.  Sleeper hasn’t been that bad, but we can’t bring ourselves to endorse him.


Go vote!




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