Help! I’m Talking and I Can’t Shut Up!

You may remember us telling you about our long break due to the death of our founder and mastermind and eventually being able to log onto this site.  We found this draft and out of respect for him we’re going to post it as he left it.  He never finished it, but he’s reading it where he is.


Our opinion of Austin Rhodes will never change – never trust a man that makes a living with his mouth.

We really can’t put all the blame on Rhodes because the real problem is the people who listen to him and believe what he says. Although we believe Austin’s head is full of fecal matter, we had a vote and settled on the term “Chat for Brains”.

One example of Austin’s trademark was recently highlighted on “The Austin Rhodes Show” Facebook page.

On December 14 2011, Rhodes wrote:

Many thanks for all the input on the “Target situation”…which I will humorously now refer to as “BarfGate”…LOL

It is pretty clear that MOST of you understand that a few Target employees had a chance to do a kind thing for a customer in distress, and chose NOT to do the kind thing. I am NOT calling for a boycott of Target, I don’t do that. But we have NOT HEARD ANYTHING from Target on this matter, except an email to one of my co-workers from the wife of an employee. Before ANY official complaints are made by those not directly involved, let’s wait and see what Target has to say about this.


Notice the ever self righteous Rhodes. He is “NOT calling for a boycott of Target” – because he doesn’t do that.

On February 8 2012 Rhodes had this to say:

Hey Circle K..No Jail business from me.  You have chosen an inferior product over a much better I am choosing another convenience store whenever possible.  Shame on you…

Whoa! Circle K is not getting Rhodes business because they made a decision not to carry the Jail Report? Sounds like a boycott to us.

On February 9 2012  Rhodes posted the following statement:

Good move…thanks for correcting a mistake…you now have me back… 

Rhodes doesn’t boycott, but he does boycott.  If we listened to him, we would boycott the businesses that advertise during his “show”.

Listen to him carefully, and you will discover Rhodes is always full of “chat”.

Better yet, don’t listen to him at all.



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