A Week To Go

We wish we were at the last Columbia County Commissioners meeting.  We heard through Facebook and other places that Al Gray put it to Cross and Thigpen.  Since we are not friends on Facebook with any of the people who discussed it, all we saw were the posts and discussions and we don’t want to email any of them because we wish to remain anonymous (but one of us said she may come out if Brian Slowinski gets less votes than write in candidates).

Apparently Al Gray described banking bids and how Georgia Bank and Trust offered lower interest than another bank.  Remember that Ron Thigpen is GBT’s president.  With a lower offering of interest to Columbia County citizens, Ron Thigpen’s bank received the business.  WHOA!  Gray said that Thigpen’s bonus was more than $20,000.  WHOA!  Thigpen will be gone soon and replaced by someone else we hope is honest.  Ron Cross also needs to be gone and we ask you to vote for Jim Bartley next Tuesday.

Has anybody seen any Bartley signs on George Snelling’s business propertiesDidn’t Barry Paschal call Bartley Snelling’s “bully” and “errand boy”?  If Paschal was right, wouldn’t Bartley signs be all over Snelling’s properties?  Is Trey “The Rent” Allen still running around trying to suck up votes for Cross?  Trey may be in for a disappointment next week if his man loses.  We wonder why the media still won’t touch his bribe, err, uh, unpaid rent plus upfront cash.

Has anybody endorsed Ron Cross?  Last election he bragged about all these people backing him.  Did Bobby Christine come out and make a speech for him?  Did Barry Paschal send a letter to the editor demanding that all vote for Cross and call the public “nuts and crazies”?  Is Austin Rhodes sending praise to Ron Cross?  Is he even still on the air?  Is Mike Sleeper (Mr. Creeper as called by kids on his Facebook page…what’s that all about) out and about campaigning for his sparring partner?  All we saw are signs on businesses properties for Cross that probably were part of some scam.  Some out of towner had a letter to the editor about how great Cross is.  WHOA!  Great for THEM.  We saw another letter from a local guy who’s liked about as much as Slowinski.  We saw letters for Bartley and see signs for Bartley. 

Vote for Bartley and send Cross to jail where he can be Scott Dean’s bunk mate. Or he can be James Paschal’s bunk mate.  As for Sleeper’s election, we don’t know anything about his opponent and we don’t know anything about the guys running in District 1 other than Duncan signs are on Snelling owned land and claims to be endorsed by a bunch of Ron Cross pals.  You decide those 2 races,but vote for Jim Bartley and let’s clean up local government.



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