Qualifying Is Over


2014 qualifying season is over.  Is it over?  Thanks to Kay and Charles Allen waiting so long to do what they should have done months ago, there will be another qualifying period.  Yes, the Allens resigned leaving one Allen to go.  That’d be Trey “The Rent” Allen.  You remember Trey Allen.  He’s the county commissioner who got sued for not paying rent for close to 2 years, but lucky for him Barry Paschal kept it out of the news, his specialty.  Thank God Barry is out of there!

We’re surprised that Brett McGuire isn’t running against Ron “Whoa” Cross since Cross and Paschal won by 300-400 votes in 2010 and there’s much more baggage for Ronny this time around.  But Cross has a challenger and we can’t wait to see Ron go down.  You know Ron’s opponent.  Jim Bartley, or what did Barry Paschal call him, George Snelling’s bullying errand boy.  From what we’ve heard, Bartley is the most respected builder in the area and knows everybody and knows the issues.

Back to the Allens and their sham.  Who would run for the tax commissioner seat and the $120,000 salary?  If you read between the lines, Ron Cross’ son-in-law and sparring partner and Scott Dean’s campaign manager Mike Sleeper has been sucking up to the media more than he usually does.  Why does the media always have a quote or a clip from him?  He’s not the countywide elected chairman.  Maybe Cross will run.  Maybe McGuire will run.  Lee Benedict was quiet this season so he might.  If Brian Slowinski is healed from the ass beating he’s fixing to get on May 20th he probably will run since he’s got no job and loves the attention (we predict that write ins will get more votes than Slowinski in May).  What about Ben “Two Poles” Harbin?  Who will run for Charles Allen’s old seat that’s now empty?  If it’s that used car salesman from 2012 who ran, we’ll for sure find someone to go against him.

Then there’s the senate race and the GA12 race and the governor’s and schools superintendent race that has 100 candidates.  2014 will be a fun season and we’ll be right here if there are no surgeries or worse.



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