Remember Your ABC’s


WHOA! Ron Cross has an opponent. Homebuilder Jim Bartley is challenging Cross and we’re looking forward to the campaign. We were all surprised that Bartley would be the challenger. We were expecting a Cross-McGuire rematch since McGuire lost by 700-725 votes in 2010 and for this race Barry Paschal is somewhere other than the editor’s chair so no cheerleading for Ronny.

A few of us have dealt with Bartley years ago and we can report that his company did good quality work at a fair price. As for Cross, his history of honest business and conning churches is well known. It looks like Jim Bartley picked up a surprise endorsement in today’s Columbia County News-Times from Lee Benedict. We’re surprised because when Benedict challenged Benny “two poles” Harbin in 2008 Bartley spoke not kind of Benedict and even had a letter to the editor printed supporting Harbin and bashing Benedict. But, if you read Benedict’s letter he says that Bartley is honest and tired of how the county does business, so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised.

Those of us here who have dealt with Bartley through his business know that he does good work at a fair price. The rest of us here at the Viewpoint only know about Bartley what Barry Paschal wrote. WHOA! Bartley’s Taxpayor’s (sic) Council from 2010 had some pretty good things in there so he apparently understands some things and isn’t shy about putting the facts out. Since we don’t put stock in Paschal we’ll wait to comment until we have seen him campaign and lay out a vision. Remember your ABC’s, Anybody But Cross.

COMING NEXT: We got a forwarded email of a forwarded email of a forwarded email from a reader that looks like an open records request to Columbia County. From what we read, it looks like Ron Cross’ assistant said what was asked for didn’t exist, and then when the person replied saying that he (or she) knows it exists and included the open records law it magically appeared. WHOA! What was asked for was emails that dealt with building and environmental issues that we can’t grasp so we may just post them and let you decide what they mean.



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