It’s been a long last couple of months with some of the old gang having surgeries and getting kids and grandkids off to college. But we’re back. When we were driving back from visiting family on Thanksgiving, we saw a billboard for a choke and puke. It said something like, “More whoa, less dough.”  Some of us thought “WHOA”, we’ve heard that before.

2013 is almost over and that means that the 2014 campaign season is almost here.  Is Ron Cross running again?  If he is, is anyone running against him?  He barely won in 2010 and in 2012 he begged us to vote for TSPLOST, so if anyone steps up against him, all of us are with you.  If anyone does run against the TSPLOST whoaboy, Barry Paschal isn’t at the News Sometimes anymore to attack the challenger and spin news for Cross.

One of us was surfing a gossip site and saw a picture and had a good idea for a game.  Look at the picture and think about who it would look like if he dyed his hair black to match his robe, or his former robe since he doesn’t have the robe anymore.





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