So Long Barry



This will be my last column. Some of Daddy’s friends visited me and convinced me that they helped him run this site, so after today no more I’s and me’s.

I was away when the news broke about Barry Paschal retiring so I wasn’t in the area to see if Ron Cross had the flags lowered half way at all county buildings. Were they? Did he go see a shrink or a preacher man? Maybe he went to see a bartender. Poor Ron must be wondering who will cover for him and attack his political enemies now that Paschal is hanging it up after 30 years. Poor Ben “Two Poles” Harbin and Bobby “Aqua Net” Christine must be wondering the same thing. What about Trey “The Rent” Allen? Who will refuse to report that a serving commissioner was sued for not paying rent for close to 2 years? Who will report on spelling errors and cars and pets owned by politicians? WHOA! Maybe we’ll get a real journalist. For as long as Paschal’s been leading the Columbia County News (some) Times you have to ask why that “news” paper isn’t successful. Maybe it was being used to serve the agenda of a select few.

The next bunch of columns will be dedicated to Barry Paschal and his greatest hits that were published in the “news” paper and in social network sites. His brother’s history may even be talked about. If any of you are in Wilcox County make sure to visit Jim. Let’s hope that the management hires a professional dedicated journalist who reports actual news.



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