Is Trey Allen Paying His Rent…THIS TIME?

untitledtSome time ago this site told you about the Columbia County GOP network of friends and cover-ups that included Trey Allen.  You were told about the Magnolia Trace land deal that was supported by Trey Allen that was explained in a letter to the editor by someone Daddy adored and respected but I don’t care much for.  The editorial mentioned a lawsuit involving Trey Allen not paying the rent ($4500 a month) on his Learning Express store for over a year.  WHOA!  Why didn’t Barry Paschal report on this?  A commissioner sued for not paying rent for more than a year and then having the suit dismissed with prejudice (he didn’t pay) is news.  For some reason Barry Paschal passed on this and went for the gusto…spelling errors.

In the 2012 Republican primary, Allen had an opponent who made the Magnolia Trace fiasco and Allen not paying his rent.  Allen even interrupted the opponent’s speech that was attended by Paschal’s crew.  It was still left out of the paper.  And now Allen is in another location.  This would be location numero three.  If any of you see Allen, ask him if he’s paying the rent on this location and why he skated out of paying at location numero uno.  While you’re at it, ask him if he paid at the second spot.  If you think of it, ask him why Barry Paschal kept this hush hush.  If you see Paschal, ask him the same question.

Contact Learning Express corporate office and ask if they are aware that a franchisee was sued for not paying the rent for over a year and suggest that it be more selective when giving the ok to someone to use their name.


Learning Express
29 Buena Vista Street
Devens, MA 01434


(978) 889-1010

Main Number
(978) 889-1000

Franchise Info
Linda Moore
(800) 436-8697




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