Thank you Ron Cross and Don Grantham


Daddy and his friends warned you about the TSPLOST.  How many of you were there for one of Cross’ rants against anyone who was against it?  How about Don Grantham’s slick little speaking tour promoting the tax hike?  The Augusta Chronicle reported that revenue from TSPLOST was 18 percent below projection.  WHOA!  Y’all must remember Ron and Don going all over the CSRA telling everybody that we’ll be rolling in the dough if TSPLOST comes through.

Columbia County Chamber of Commerce begged for it too, and even had signs made up that were put on roadsides all over the county.  Does anyone know if the signs were paid for with money from the membership fee that Cross and his commissioners voted to give to them?  I guess tax increases are good for business and commerce.

When Cross comes up for reelection next year, Barry Paschal will probably say that he’s voting for him and “take that nuts and crazies.”






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