For PopPops

This is hard for me but I’m gonna try. Daddy loved this site and he would send me the link to every story. When he passed, so did the links. Mamma was going through his personal items and papers a few months ago so I helped her. We found some things that reminded me of some things I read on here. As we went through more items over time, we found more papers and that made me think that PopPops was part of this internet site. I wanted to keep this going for him so I tried signing into his account using every possible word or phrase that can be his password, and I tried everything but nothing worked. One day I found a piece of paper with some cryptic writing on it and I thought, let me try this…..BINGO, or as PopPops said……WHOA! It was his username and password. Daddy had help on this so to whoever it was, I’m going to do this for daddy, it’s what he would have wanted. It’ll take me some time to figure out how to do this and use all the gadgets and tools so let me apologize if this looks weird. I promise to practice in my spare time until I get it to where daddy had it. Now I need your help. What story do you think daddy would want me to do first, Trey Allen’s new store location and if he’s paying rent, Brian Slowinski running for Congress, something else. Daddy talk to me.



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