Was Magnolia Trey Allen Late?

We’re back after being locked out of our account since mid August.  Not much to report.  Actually there is.  Was Trey Allen late in filing his disclosure report?  We believe that he was.  The deadline was October 5th but his report says “Electronically Filed with the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission on: 10/7/2012 6:24:11PM — Confirmation #C201100215573620”  WHOA!  Did Barry Paschal report this?

Not only was Magnolia Trey late, but his report says that he has a campaign committee consisting of “Chairperson: Jennifer Goodwin Miller     Treasurer: Patricia Rimbey”  Super job everybody.  Did Barry Paschal report this?

Speaking of Barry Paschal, he likes to report errors of others he dislikes (remember “Taxpayors (sic)”?  Take a look at Trey Allen’s late report  and some of his donors:

“a.C. Proctor Paint and Body shop, inc 3011 Milledgeville Rd. Augusta, GA 30904 (sic)”

“builders political action committee of cSRA (sic) 3732 executive center drive augusta (sic), ga (sic) 30907”

Did Barry Paschal report and mock and ridicule this?

Trey, why were you late?  Why the bizarre names and addresses (and we didn’t list all of them)?  All the other candidates filed theirs on time to include Brian Slowinski, and we reported on his reporting record.  Next time you see Trey or Barry, ask them about this and let us know what they say.  Then again, the report may get a makeover…wouldn’t be the first time.  WHOA!  Really, ask them and ask Ben “Two Poles” Harbin about his donation to Magnolia Trey’s campaign.



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