Quit Blaming Richmond County

We still are hearing about TSPLOST and how it’s all Richmond County’s fault for being passed.  We know that Don Grantham and Dave Barbee supported it and that none of the Boss Hogg type cronies would tell the state legislative delegation to demand that GADOT get it together.  But quit blaming Richmond County!

More than 10,000 voters in Columbia County voted for TSPLOST.

Ron Cross made a fool of himself calling for everyone to vote for TSPLOST.

Speaking of, Lee Anderson supported TSPLOST.

Ben Harbin was a TSPLOST sponsor.

Bill Jackson voted for TSPLOST.

Barbara Sims voted for TSPLOST.

Commission candidate Butch Holley supported TSPLOST.

The newest addition to the school board, David Dekle, supported TSPLOST.

The Columbia County Chamber of Commerce supported TSPLOST and had signs made telling us all about it.

This is just another example of sending attention to Richmond County instead of giving a little blame to Columbia County.  Don’t get us wrong, our opinion is that Richmond County is almost as screwed up as a local government can be and has a bunch of people who won’t look beyond skin color.  But Columbia County isn’t much better.




One thought on “Quit Blaming Richmond County

  1. Guess I’ve been one of those blaming Richmond County. Good points here.

    Posted by M Gravely | August 31, 2012, 5:26 pm

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