Election Results

Most of us at the CCCV took a little vacation after the July 31 primary election, and most of us are back now and ready to comment.

TSPLOST…Why would anyone vote for more taxes?  Those who supported it said that “it’s a consumption based tax.”  So?  It was that at 7%, and your point?  The problem is that we have a bunch of cronies and friends in Atlanta who got there by being friends with more people than the other contestants.  This resulted in idiots (our opinion) being put on the Department of Transportation and as we are all aware, citations for years of poor financial management.  So the ignorant (our opinion) voters don’t direct anger where it needs to be, but instead vote for the bailout of the DOT to Ron Cross’ and Dandy Don Grantham’s delight.  Lee Anderson supported TSPLOST and Benny “2 poles” Harbin was a sponsor.  Still think that Columbia County is conservative?

12th Congressional District…No major shock here with Lee Anderson carrying the farmers and social promotees votes and Rick Allen getting major “help” from Billy Morris to make the run off, and too bad for Wright McLeod and all that money he spent with Southeastern Marketing . At least Allen’s intern was exposed for posting a picture so McLeod can take comfort in that.  Thanks to the person who sent us a copy of the letter to law enforcement…here, just click to see it for yourself Executed ltr to C Whittle re photos being taken in voting place (00512920).  Gosh, why didn’t Barry Paschal name names or write about this letter?  More on picturegate in our next post.

Chief Magistrate Judge…We thought that this would go to a run off for sure but it didn’t.  Congratulations to Jason Troiano and too bad for Christopher Hudson and all that money he spent with Southeastern Marketing.

School Board District 1…The right 2 made the run off and David Dekle supports TSPLOST.

School Board District 4…This could have gone either way.

County Commission District 2…If this doesn’t show how hard it is to throw out a good ol’ boy incumbent then nothing ever will.  They want Magnolia Trey apparently, or they just dislike Lee Benedict.  As we were going over the results for all the races, we noticed that of all the challengers to incumbents, Benedict had the highest percentage of votes just as he did in 2008.  To us it looks like Benedict is the favorable alternative to incumbents.

County Commission District 3…We knew Charles Allen would win big and he did against TSPLOST Holley. 

As for the August 21 run offs, we like Carolyn Chase for School Board District 1 and recommend a coin toss for the 12th Congressional District.
As for the August 21 run offs



One thought on “Election Results

  1. A) “The picture was removed within several hours”. Really? The picture was removed immediately while I was speaking with Johnson.
    B) Look at page 2 and page 3 of Batchelor’s letter; he makes references to “Mr. Gardner” and to “Mr. Gardener” and to “Mr. Gardener’s”. Which is is counselor? Are these two different people, or, are you speaking of the same person and just screwed up the spelling?

    Remember “Taxpayors (sic)”? Batchelor is an alleged law school graduate and therefore should get a subject’s name spelled correctly.

    Posted by Lee Benedict | August 12, 2012, 12:22 pm

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