We Endorse

In the July 31st Republican Primary we endorse:

10th Congressional District, Paul Broun has proven to be a true conservative not changed by Washington.

12th Congressional District, Maria Sheffield is a true and articulate American.  Typically we do not endorse lawyers, but Sheffield’s life, work ethic and honesty put her far ahead of Rick Allen and Wright McLeod who have given to very liberal Democrats or have even voted in a Democrat primary and then lied about who he voted for.  And then there’s Lee Anderson who looked good in debates but does not match up against Sheffield or Barrow.

Columbia County Chief Magistrate Judge, Jason Hasty’s credibility, genuine appeal and work ethic puts him above Christopher Hudson who uses Southeastern Marketing and Jason Troiano who happens to be Bobby Christine’s boy.

Columbia County District 1 School Board, Carolyn Chase’s long involvement in local schools makes her ready to take charge, not part of the inner circle because of her involvement, but ready to go.  David Dekle is a local attorney and seems to be a good guy, but he supports TSPLOST.  Brian Slowinski has shown that he can’t work or play nice with anyone.

Columbia County District 4 School Board, not Roxanne Whitaker.

Columbia County District 2 Commissioner, Lee Benedict has become a serious candidate and shed his flamethrower image.  He still throws some flames, but they need to be thrown thanks to Ron Cross, Trey Allen and Ron Thigpen…and Barry Paschal.  Benedict really impressed us with his handling of picturegate that showed his willingness to go before the cameras and accept responsibility without firing shots at Trey Allen and whoever complained about the picture.  Plus the guy pledged to give half of his salary to the Columbia County debt services.  Trey Allen never owned up to his rent saga and never said no to Boss Cross.

Columbia County District 3 Commissioner, Charles Allen doesn’t impress us because he doesn’t say much or put up an argument for much.  But he doesn’t rubberstamp whatever Ron Cross wants and Butch Holley strikes all of us at the CCCV as a used car salesman who supports TSPLOST.





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