Chips For Brains? Trey Allen’s Your Dip

In our last post, we mentioned a get together and asked for information to be sent to us.  We wish we were there because there appears to have been some fireworks courtesy of Treyrent Allen.  We got a few emails about the event and they pretty much said the same thing and went beyond what Allen’s challenger, Lee Benedict, put on his website.  Benedict has not replied to our emails.

Benedict wrote on his website, “For those not in attendance, Trey Allen spoke first and then I followed. I mentioned the Magnolia Trace housing project and how the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) rejected the project because, among other things, its construction cost of $141.24 per square foot was the highest of all bids submitted for projects of 50-53 units. Also mentioned was the fact that soon after the rejection, an approval letter was issued. The letter was dated March 14, 2011, but, it was marked “Received”, January 07, 2011 and initialed. I also mentioned this at a forum attended by Trey Allen on July 12, 2012. Trey Allen was appointed to the DCA. Trey Allen is a County Commissioner. Trey Allen proclaimed on July 12th that he was not on the DCA board at that time and it was the first he heard of the letter’s date and date received.”

“A responsible public servant and DCA board member would have at the very least inquired as to the letter’s date and then communicated an explanation to the citizen. However, for reason(s) only known to Mr. Allen, he demurred from doing such. Therefore, a reasonable question would be what purpose does his positions and titles serve?”

“As I was speaking, Trey Allen walked towards the stage yelling “I wasn’t sworn in until April”. I explained to him that I am speaking to which he uttered, “You brought it up” and something about being able to “explain”. First, it matters not when he was sworn in. He is a DCA member and the discrepancy was officially made known to him on July 12th and as of the moment of interruption, he offered no explanation. Second, he had his turn to speak, and interrupting another speaker is rude, childish, and indicative of one with no respect for others. And for the record, Trey Allen never did provide an explanation. Thus, he has none and was desperately trying to “save face” before a large crowd, an attempt that made him appear even more ineffective and arrogant.”

“I call upon Columbia County Commissioner James “Trey” Allen to explain why the Magnolia Trace project was rejected and then soon thereafter approved in the form of a letter stamped received 66 days before it was written.”


The emails to us mentioned that the media was there…so where’s the story?  A commissioner approaches the stage as his opponent is talking and interrupts him and the media doesn’t write about it.  But if a regular citizen writes “Taxpayors” on his website, look out ’cause Barry Paschal will be all over it.

The emails also mentioned that when Magnolia Trey Allen was putting on his eye-dazzling spectacle, people in the back were booing and saying things like “shut up you little bi^&h” and “what a crybaby”.  We agree.  So to whoever from the press was there, why didn’t you write about Trump Allen’s crybaby moment?

We’d also like to know why Magnolia Trace was rejected and then approved when the construction costs were the highest of all the bids submitted.

We’d also like to know why the approval letter was received 2 months before it was written.

We’d also like to know why Trey “the rent” Allen never did give the explanation he rudely interrupted the speech for.

Less than a week to go until the election, let’s see what junk Allen and Paschal will throw out there.



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