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We knew that Barry Paschal was going to have a press party with the Lee Benedict picture crime.  But Barry went a little overboard with his column today.  He titled it Judgment Day For Self-Appointed Judge or something of the sort.  What Benedict did was a crime in the legal sense, a misdemeanor for taking a picture of his ballot.  But there is a major difference with the handling of the fallout.

Scoop Paschal wrote that Benedict committed a “crime”, and he’s right.  We do not think that he intentionally committed a crime, but a crime was committed.  Keep it in mind that a crime took place (even though he was not formally charged, tried, and convicted/plead out) and Benedict stepped up and took responsibility and even gave 3 television interviews and posted an official statement on his website.  JUDGE Bobby Christine and JUDGE Willie Saunders violated Georgia’s Code of Judicial Conduct many times and we believe they knew they were doing it but did it any way.

Christine and Saunders were on Ben “2 poles” Harbin’s campaign committee, a violation.  Christine and Saunders gave a political speech on behalf of a candidate, a violation.  There are only 7 canons in Georgia’s judicial code and if these JUDGES didn’t know that they were violating them, they are not fit to serve.  We do give credit when it’s due and we’ll do it here for Christine.  When he was working in the DA’s office, Bobby Christine prosecuted in our opinion the most heinous child molester in Columbia County history.  This is overlooked, but we have lived here for 27-51 years and remember.

When they were made aware of the complaints against them for violating their canons, did either JUDGE step up and say anything?  No.  Paschal states that Benedict committed a crime and the JUDGES violated judicial canons and he’s right.  Who was man enough to step up and explain?  Barry, care to answer that one?

Barry also wrote that when Christine announced that he wasn’t running for a full term, that Benedict commented that it’s because of his complaints and not because of the possibility of being called up to active duty.  Barry, not true and you know it.  Benedict wrote that he thought that Christine wasn’t running because a local attorney announced that he was running for Christine’s position.  If we remember then Barry should.

Paschal mocks Benedict for calling himself “the honest one” (his yard signs have that on them).  Well Paschal, is Benedict honest?  Did he speak openly about what happened?  He discloses a lot on his website that leads us to believe that he is honest.  Not perfect or without fault, but honest, and in 2012 politics that’s mighty nice to see.

Paschal draws all this attention to picturegate, and as publisher it’s his right.  What has Paschal ever written about Trey Allen’s lawsuit?  We’ll quote everything that Barry Paschal wrote about Trey Allen being sued: ”                           “, and ”                                           “

Paschal wrote that the Columbia County attorney said that Benedict will probably not be prosecuted.  He shouldn’t be.  Heck, if the county employee who broke into a woman’s house and went into her bedroom to tell her about cutting her grass wasn’t charged, come on.  Speaking of, how much ink did Paschal give to Benedict’s picture and how much was given to the county employee who invited himself into a sleeping resident’s home?  Remember, this incident caused national attention.

All this does is give another example of how Barry Paschal serves as pointman for Ron Cross and his buddies.  He wrote nothing about Christine.  He wrote nothing about a COMMISSIONER being sued for not paying rent.  But a candidate voted for himself and took a picture of it and Paschal goes into attack mode.  And did you notice how Paschal left out Benedict’s side of the story?  He posted his statement Tuesday but Paschal made no reference to it.  Then again, what did you expect from Paschal?

There was a shindig last night and all of the local candidates were to be there.  If any of our readers were present, please let us know how it went and if Barry Paschal was there.



One thought on “The Agenda’s Pointman

  1. BP knows who’s signing his paycheck.

    Posted by Craig Spinks | July 23, 2012, 2:24 am

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