Paschal Publishes ANOTHER 100% FALSE Statement

Did you read Barry Paschal’s Wednesday column?  Don’t blame you.  We feel that we must report that he told another completely false statement sent to our attention by a reader who pointed out the untrue statement that we verified.  This one was about school board candidate Brian Slowinski.  It’s no secret that we don’t care for Slowinski, but in fairness and for sake of our accuracy and credibility, we must report to you.

Paschal wrote, “Brian Slowinski, who was first to announce for the seat after incumbent Wayne Bridges said he wouldn’t seek re-election, still hasn’t filed a financial report despite the June 30 deadline and subsequent seven-day grace period”   Not true Mr. Publisher!

If Paschal bothered to look, he would have been able to see that Brian Slowinski DID file his report!  It’s right there in front of the face “Report Filed:
06/07/2012 By Certified Mail,”

Great job there Bernstein!  Paschal is the publisher of a newspaper and brags about his position and mocks private citizens in his column.  You remember?  How many columns were devoted to a business owner’s “Taxpayors (sic)” spelling on his website?  We checked…it’s 3.  How many columns were devoted to a candidate’s goof while navigating the FEC website?  Same number.

You must remember when Paschal wrote and published for public view “There were a couple of quirky, inside-baseball things I noticed in the recent District 4 special election, which won’t be cleared up until the April 12 runoff.
• The candidates had “R” or “D” after their names, designating a party affiliation. It’s a non-partisan race. That shouldn’t have happened.”  This was 100% FALSE.  Well done Woodward!  Paschal refused to publish a letter to the editor that pointed out this false statement.  Eventually Paschal admitted his false statement and spent a while spinning and making excuses.  Somehow, Paschal’s bosses keep letting him do this.  He’s the publisher and still publishes things that are completely false, but if anyone else outside of his circle makes an error, loooooooook out because he will use company resources to berate them.  

Barry, will you apologize to Brian?
Paschal wrote



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