Molehill Morphs Into Mountain

The big news coming from Columbia County and the Augusta Chronicle is the possible criminal act of Columbia County Commission candidate Lee Benedict.  What did he do?  He voted early and took a picture of his ballot showing a big black “X” by his name and then posting the picture on Facebook.  A concerned citizen contacted the authorities instead of sending Benedict a Facebook message.  As most of us learned today, it is against the Georgia Code to take a picture of the ballot.  Go figure.  We saw a clip of Benedict on the 6:00 news describing what happened, and it seemed like an honest mistake.  He also accepted responsibility, which was nice to see.  Speaking of responsibility, what do you think Barry Paschal will do?  We think that he is happy about what happened because this way he can devote 4 columns and 1500 words to how Benedict is unfit.  Then again, he will probably not even mention it.

We say that he won’t mention it because look at what he never reported:

Donnie Fetter covered the Ron Cross reelection announcement and Judge Bobby Christine endorsed Cross in public which is against 1 of the 7 canons judges in Georgia must follow.  Paschal didn’t print a peep about Christine’s forbidden act.

Judge Willie Saunders spoke in public in support of Ben “two poles” Harbin which is against 1 of the 7 canons judges in Georgia must follow.  Paschal didn’t print a peep about Saunders’ forbidden act.

Trey Allen was sued and Barry Paschal never reported it.  A sitting commissioner was sued for taking $28,000 or more from his store location’s owner and then went close to 2 years without paying rent of $4500 a month.  There’s a word for that little deal and we’ll let you say it. 

For the local press to be going full speed ahead with this tells us that the good old boys are nervous that Magnolia Treyrent Allen will lose and are trying to pull out the stops for him.  Our opinion (with a dissenter) is that Benedict made a mistake and fessed up to it, a mistake he wouldn’t have made had he known that taking a picture of his own name on his own ballot was illegal.  According to news reports, it’s now in the hands of law enforcement and the District Attorney, the same crew that didn’t prosecute a county employee who entered a woman’s house and went on into her bedroom uninvited.  



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