Local Qualifiers

Since we are not convinced that Barry Paschal will give an honest representation of the local candidates, we figured that we’ll try.  Not every race in Columbia County is contested so we are going to provide information on contested elections only.

The only contested countywide race is for Chief Magistrate Judge, and we’re happy to start with it because Barry’s buddy Bobby isn’t running.  Here we go.

Chief Magistrate Judge

JASON R. HASTY: from what we know, Hasty was a public defender who resigned in order to run.  We understand that he is a devout Christian and conservative and is liked by just about everybody.  If he wins, we believe that he will do just fine.

CHRISTOPHER HUDSON: he looks a lot like radio newsman Scott Hudson.  From his website, he seems to have a good plan and vision for what he wants to do.

JASON TROIANOpicked by Bobby Christine.

County Commission District 2

TREY ALLEN:  a search engine search turned up no campaign website for Trey “Pay the rent” Allen, but we have written enough about him and know all we need to know about him.  Maybe Ron Cross and Mike Sleeper will host an exhibition boxing match to raise money for Allen.

LEE BENEDICT: this surprised a lot of people because Benedict didn’t announce that he was running. Trey Allen will finally have to get elected not being the only name to select from.  We can’t see him winning and hope that he doesn’t.

County Commission District 3

Charles Allen: a search engine search turned up no campaign website for Charles Allen, but we know that he doesn’t rubber stamp whatever Ron Cross wants.

BUTCH HOLLEY: we don’t know much about Holley other than him being involved in a lot of community activities and in the Kroc Center.

School Board District 1

Of the 3 running we only know about Brian Slowinski.  We will support 1 of the other 2 and will be praying that Slowinski doesn’t get 2% of the vote.

School Board District 4

Of the 4 running we only know about Roxanne Whitaker because she has been there for a while and we’re not impressed.

Research the candidates and vote for who you think is best.  Coming next, the 12th congressional district candidates or the Barry Paschal/Bobby Christine connection expose.




One thought on “Local Qualifiers

  1. Hasty resigned. Why?

    Posted by John Smith | June 20, 2012, 9:35 am

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