The Barry Paschal-Bobby Christine Connection Exposed Part 1


FOR YEARS BARRY PASCHAL HAS BEEN GIVING BOBBY CHRISTINE INK  and he seems to make sure that HE MENTIONS HIM over and over and over again FOR NO NEWSWORTHY REASONAnd Paschal knows newsworthy. AND WE MENTIONED THIS IN CASE you forgot about their alliance.  Why does Barry Paschal consistently give free paper space to Christine?

We support the military 100% and appreciate what they do.  BUT BARRY PASCHAL TOOK THINGS TOO FAR when he had to report about an assistant district attorney returning on leave from Iraq.  In this case, it was Bobby Christine.  How did Barry know that Bobby was going to return on that day, place and time?  Why send Donnie Fetter to report on the arrival?  To give Christine publicity we think.  A few months later Christine’s return from his tour was covered too.  Of all of the people in Columbia County who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, Christine is the only one to get special media coverage.  Christine was the only one pictured and interviewed.  We can understand if his unit was featured but it wasn’t.  Just Bobby.  We know many veterans who were in a war zone and in more dangerous positions than a lawyer would be in, and we know that they don’t want the attention.  Christine thrives on attention in our opinion.  THIS POST HAS A GOOD COMMENT ABOUT what we mean by vets not wanting attention.  The post happens to mention a few things about Christine that Paschal refuses to report.  THIS POST MENTIONS THAT PASCHAL gave 3 columns to Christine’s announcement not to run for election.

PASCHAL DIDN’T SAY A WORD ABOUT BEN HARBIN having 2 disclosure reports with the same day and time but with Bobby Christine’s name removed as campaign chairperson.  The Augusta Chronicle and other local news sources were sent the same information at the same time but we are the only source to tell you about it.  Not long ago, another blog told the Columbia County hotshots to get it together or some things will be exposed.  They didn’t and now will face the music.  Our next post (if nothing new breaks) will spell out why we think Barry Paschal is Bobby Christine’s cheerleader.  We received some not kind emails about us saying for months that we’re doing this but haven’t, and some of them were from people we cited in other articles who now don’t respond to our emails.  They told us to either “print pertinent information that can be proven”, “why not just tell us what”, or “stop wasting time” and “get lives”.  We gave much time for people to come clean and be honest with the public and change ways, but they didn’t.   All of us have grandkids and we must think of our grandchildren and the future they will have and that’s why we started this blog last year.  We’ll fill you in during the week.



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