We Were Given Audio…Funny

This is not one of our planned posts that was written already, but we just had to tell you about it since Barry Paschal won’t.

WE TOLD YOU ABOUT THE SCHOOL BOARD CANDIDACY OF COLUMBIA COUNTY REPUBLICAN CHAIRMAN BRIAN SLOWINSKI.  In the article we mentioned we heard of circus atmosphere during a quarterly GOP meeting.  We are not technically gifted but we know how to use Facebook and Twitter and read about the meeting from some who were there.  Some people who were there transmitted audio to us, so now we feel comfortable reporting on it.  SINCE BARRY PASCHAL WON’T REPORT ABOUT THE UPHEAVAL WITH THE COLUMBIA COUNTY GOP, we’ll tell you. Paschal loved reporting to the handful of people who read his column about a made up coup a few years ago.  He told one side of the story and was happy to do so.  More on him in our next post.  Back to now.

The meeting was opened with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.  Candidate Slowinski nominated someone to the board that caused discussion, loud discussion it seems.  The nominee wasn’t there and no one knew the guy, and as best as we can tell, someone made a motion (without video of the meeting it’s hard to tell who did what exactly), then Slowinski said he’s adjourning the meeting.  It caused a lot of back and forth loud chatter and Slowinski was walking out or walked out.  We heard someone said something about quitting then Slowinski appeared to rejoin the meeting.

Slowinski didn’t get his way, so he ran away.  Nice behavior for a chairman and school board candidate.  Isn’t this what kids do whenever they don’t get their way?  Maybe Slowinski’s campaign strategy is to act like a kid so that he can say that he is in touch with the children and knows what they need.  Can you see him on the school board walking out whenever he doesn’t get his way?

There were more loud exchanges and it appeared to be childish back and forth.  Slowinski is some leader isn’t he?  Why does the Columbia County Republican Party allow Slowinski to keep doing this?  They obviously approve because he’s still there doing the same things. We’ll be having fun during the 2012 campaign.

We have a question for Brian Slowinski,



One thought on “We Were Given Audio…Funny

  1. Great stuff – will you be profiling other races and politicians? There are lots of local races we need the insider info on.

    Posted by John roberts | April 16, 2012, 9:34 am

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