Journalism, Columbia County Style



In one of our latest posts we explained what’s been taking place with us.  During our break we have written 4 articles that we are waiting to post.  Most of them relate to News (Some) Times publisher Barry Paschal and his history of writing what about who and his connection to Judge Bobby Christine.  We are ready to release this information.

We mentioned HERE...and HERE…and HERE what Barry Paschal reports to the people that he finds newsworthy and what he doesn’t find newsworthy.  In our post commenting on Bobby Christine’s decision not to seek reelection, we posted the comments from the Augusta Chronicle’s website viewers left online.  Read Paschal’s comments on complaints filed against Christine.  He calls them “politically” motivated and says that there’s no story when a judge makes a speech in support of a candidate even though judges are told not to make speeches supporting candidates.  You know that he never wrote about it in his “newspaper” because as he claims, it’s not a story.

Barry, we posted links to your writings about what is news.  How is a judge’s public violations of canons all Georgia judges must follow not news, but a private citizen’s spelling error news?  Barry Paschal mentioned in 3 “news” stories that Evans home builder Jim Bartley spelled taxpayers wrong.  Really Barry?  Three reports to the public?  You even mentioned Bartley’s living situation?  That’s news?  A Columbia County judge doing whatever he wants isn’t news?  We even reported that Ben Harbin has 2 disclosure reports with the same day and time and some not so honorable things appear to have happened.  But that wasn’t news right Barry?  The report appears to have been changed because Bobby Christine’s name was removed.  Again, anything that doesn’t show Christine positively Barry Paschal ignores.  Why?  Since this is such a lot of information to report, we decided to use 2 articles to show why our opinion is what it is about why Barry Paschal covers for Bobby Christine.



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