Funny, Sad, Arrogant, Scary, Some Of Each?

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Have you heard who is running for Columbia County Board of Education?  None other than Columbia County GOP Chairman Brian Slowinski.  WHOA!  Is he serious?  Maybe during his campaign he will declare whether or not he paid Minnesota that $150, but we figure that Barry Paschal will do his due and ask Slowinski himself then report the findings.  We want to thank a reader for bringing this matter to our attention and thanks to the person who sent the information to the reader.  There was no link with what we’ll post below included in the email, but we found a link and verified it.

Brian Slowinski, candidate, (Brian) Slowinski for Senate – This committee registered with the Board in January 1996. The last report filed by Mr. Slowinski was the year end 1997 report. The report disclosed no change from his 1996 year end report, and disclosed an ending cash balance of $32.50.

Brian Slowinski, candidate, We the People for (Brian) Slowinski (Secretary of State) – This committee registered with the Board in March 1998. The file includes a registration form and a signed public subsidy agreement. No reports have been received.

Brian Slowinski, candidate, (Brian) Slowinski Volunteer Foundation (House) – This committee registered with the Board in November 1993. Reports disclose no activity since 1995. The 1997 year end report shows an ending cash balance of $5.48.

Mr. Slowinski is the treasurer and the chair for all three committees. All mail sent to Mr. Slowinski has been returned to the Board office with no forwarding address. The telephone number listed on forms has been disconnected. A current address and phone number was not available through an internet search. Mr. Goldsmith noted that staff research found that no political contribution refund activity took place with the committees.

Mr. Fluegel’s MOTION: To direct staff to administratively terminate Mr. Slowinski’s three campaign committees and discontinue attempts to secure the delinquent reports.
Vote on MOTION: Unanimously passed.

Did he skip town?

We can understand a late filing of a report to a bureaucratic office.  But this represents a pattern in our opinion.  Not once, not twice, but 3 times Slowinski disregarded his responsibilities.  MUCH more on this later from us, and Barry Paschal and Austin Rhodes too (rim shot).

Why did the Columbia County Republican Party nominate this guy let alone vote him in as Chairman?  Why do they keep him as their leader?

We also heard in an email from 3 readers about the circus that doubled as the Columbia County GOP quarterly meeting.  Since we weren’t there, we’re waiting for more people to email us with their account, and if they all say the same thing, we’ll report it.  Maybe the City Stink heard something.



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