Who put the “duh” in Dumb?


If you were wondering what happened to us, we’ve got good news and bad news.  We have one less contributor who is monitoring us from above as of February 26th.  After that we decided to regroup, and as we were regrouping, we decided to stock pile some information, put everything in order, and plan what to release next and in what order.  Then we decided to wait until today to post our next column because today is our first anniversary of our first column, and our identities are still unknown.  We’re back.

The Georgia 12th Congressional District race is heating up! In case you haven’t seen the video of the candidates speaking earlier in Statesboro, Georgia, here is a link through the Peach Pundit. If you read their commentary regarding Lee An”duh”son, you will know how we feel. At least the race will get him out of Atlanta!

Anderson’s comments regarding the Federal Reserve should be very disturbing to anyone with half a brain. “We need to build up the Federal reserves like we are building up the State reserves” clearly demonstrates Anderson’s understanding of State and Federal governments. He has none!

Sadly, the Anderson campaign tried to spin off his answer as a misunderstanding of the question, and publicly stated Anderson thought the question was about the Federal military reserves. That made matters worse, because Georgia is certainly not “building up” its military reserves. When you make up a fairy tale to cover your ignorance and stupidity, we think you are nothing more than scum on the bottom of the barrel.

At a recent political gathering, Anderson publicly stated his extreme displeasure at standing in line at a grocery store and seeing people, obvious welfare recipients from his observation, buying better groceries than he himself can afford. He promised to go to Washington D.C. and put a stop to this nonsense. Strange, but he failed to mention that he is by far the largest recipient of farm subsidies in Columbia County. Even with one of the smallest farms. Welfare is OK for him, but not for others.

Anderson’s educational background is far from stellar, and the story is quite common, from his fellow high school class mates, that he finished school only after receiving social promotions.

We won’t call Lee Anderson stupid; we reserve that title for the people that support him. These are the same people that wonder what’s wrong with our government.



One thought on “Who put the “duh” in Dumb?

  1. After a run in a few years ago and some calls to him, he’s better served as a local guy… not in Congress. Even then its a stretch. Good ole boy system gone wrong… I got it, sweet talking Southern man, drawl and all. But frankly I don’t think he understands problems when people are letting him know them. So that speaks to his “misunderstanding” of the question. But its endemic… As it looks now I’m behind Maria unless someone else comes along that I am aware of

    Posted by kudzu | April 13, 2012, 4:07 pm

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