Way To Go Mister Chairman! What’s Next?


Did you read the letter to the Editor in Wednesday’s Columbia County News (Some) Times?  We didn’t believe it until we saw the proof in the form of a Linkedin profile.  Apparently, Columbia County Republican Chairman Brian Slowinski wants to put a Democrat on the party’s executive board as its Fundraising chairman.  WHOA!  Brian Slowinski wants to put a former president of the Young Democrats of Augusta on the board of a Republican organization.  WHOA!  WHOA!  Then again, he has done so much damage to the local Republican party, why not put a Democrat on the board?  OK, back to the letter:

I would like to commend Columbia County Commission Chairman Ron Cross for showing political courage by raising the topic of term limits for county commissioners. In the July 2010 Republican primary, 88.01 percent of Columbia County voters supported them. I was not among them as I believe that an informed electorate will instill “term limits.” If someone is doing what I believe to be a good job, then I want for him/her to remain in office until I feel otherwise. I oppose recycling politicians instead of demanding public servants.

After the July 2010 vote, the then-chairman of the Columbia County GOP sent a letter to our state legislative delegation explaining the people’s wishes, a letter that went nowhere and quick. The delegation did, however, take up term limits for Board of Elections members and supported TSPLOST, a massive tax increase. The chair’s term ended in March 2011, and Brian Slowinski took over.

In August 2011 and in September 2011, the local GOP’s Executive Board voted to instruct Slowinski to send a letter to the delegation regarding term limits. He refused. Now, recently, Cross took charge of this issue, and in so doing, might have saved (the Republican Party’s) tax-exempt status.

I say this because when the party takes money, be it via dues, fundraising, whatever, it has a fiduciary responsibility to act upon certain matters. A vote by Republicans to call for term limits is such a responsibility that a past chair accepted, and Slowinski didn’t. Between August 2011 and January 2012, anyone in a leadership position could have written a quick little 100-word letter, right?

A board member told me that during an open meeting a colleague said that this is a “Republican county” and we need not worry about a Democrat holding on to a commission seat for long. Right. By the way, just recently Chairman Slowinski nominated a former president of the Young Democrats of Augusta, who is associated with Young Democrats of America, to be his fundraising chair. …

We didn’t like the praise given to Ron Cross, but other than that, WHOA!  This letter was written by Lee Benedict of Martinez.  Yes, the same Lee Benedict who submitted an ethics complaint against Slowinski, who as far as we know, has refused to address the matter with Benedict.  Apparently Slowinski is determined to weaken the Republican party during the general election cycle…or so we believe based on Slowinski’s actions.  Since we’re discussing a letter to the Editor, Benedict sent us a letter that he sent to the Augusta Chronicle that was not published.  We will post it in due time because it is another letter about Slowinski’s attitude and intelligence.  Until then, enjoy this.

* coming soon, who is James Paschal?

* coming sooner, the Bobby Christine, Scott Dean, Barry Paschal connection




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