Was There A Rematch?

We hope that you all had a happy and safe Christmas, and for those of us who had to return to work, welcome back.  Now back to the business of sharing information that Austin Rhodes and Barry Paschal spin for the boys if not flat out censor.

Do any of you know if a holiday rematch between Ron Cross and Mike Sleeper went down?  More than a few very reliable witnesses told us of a fist fight between the Columbia County Commission Chairman



                                                                                   Ron Cross…Cross







and his son-in-law and Columbia County School Board member




                                                                                                    Mike Sleeper…Sleeper






that was conducted in one of their front lawns a year (maybe 2) ago.  This year a Thrilla With Vanilla was anticipated given the conviction of Cross mini-me Scott Dean and the conviction of a guy who had his campaign managed by Sleeper, Scott Dean.  Both contestants must be emotionally unsettled given their personal closeness to the convicted Scott Dean.

If any of you hear of a rematch, please let us know.



One thought on “Was There A Rematch?

  1. Did you photoshop Mike’s picture? For one, it looks hideous, and two, I do not recall ever seeing such a picture of him. Just wondering.

    Posted by Lee Benedict | December 28, 2011, 10:27 am

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