Enjoy Your Evening At The Theater


If you’ve ever sat down at a poker game and looked around and if 10-20 minutes go by and you can’t spot the sucker, guess what, it’s you.  We suspect that this is what happened when Trey Allen made the motion to embrace Resolution 10-852, a motion that was echoed by his near and dear bud, Scott Dean.  We know that the motion passed unanimously, but Trey Allen made the motion.  If that weren’t bad enough, Allen is singing and dancing and rolling out red carpet for the project while claiming that the developers never told him what was going to be built.  IF this is true, why would Allen make a motion to pass 10-852?

Tonite at 6:00p.m. is the County Commission meeting where Allen and the other neurosurgeons will try to spin this their way.  Remember, this is the same group that opposes and hates apartment buildings.  They say that they attract an element not desired by most Columbia County residents and that they generate little tax revenue while putting more children in the school system.  We guess that the wise men had a change of opinion.  Why and how?

We all know that these guys will be not completely truthful.  But some of our readers have told us that we should trust them and hear their side.  Go ahead if you want, but dress appropriately.  For the still naive, we recommend something like






For those who know better and are following the history of Cross, Allen & Co., may we suggest that you wear what we will be decked out in this evening







Enjoy your evening and send us your opinions about what the Gang O’5 had to say.  We’ll say this much, Trey Allen is done.  He will not be re-elected.  The truth is starting to drip out, and when it’s all out, he’s done.  His close personal relationship with Scott Dean and Bobby Christine will haunt him, but this monstrosity will make people come out against him. 

We would like to point out that maybe, just maybe, if more people were involved and alert and paying attention to their local government, Allen, Cross, Dean, and others might tread with caution and be honest.  What?  You weren’t limiting your knowledge of local politics and government to what Barry Paschal and Austin Rhodes say and write were you?  If so, bad move.  But now you know and we have 60-some-odd posts to compare what we write to what they boast for you to think about and ask yourself, “why didn’t Barry and Austin tell us about this?”



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