After revealing numbers 5, 4, and 3 on our most popular post list, we are down to the top 2.  How do we determine popularity?  It’s really quite simple:

  1. take the number of members of the Columbia County legislative delegation who supported the T-SPLOST
  2. add it to the number of unique visitors (different IP addresses) to view the post
  3. take that and divide it by the square root of Columbia County’s debt
  4. multiply by the number of telephone poles Ben Harbin’s car hit
  5. divide by the number of emails we received on the post
  6. that figure will be added to the number of illicit text messages between married Columbia County Commissioner Scott Dean and a married Columbia County employee whose husband was deployed to fight in the war on terror after it is divided by the number of times Dean’s trial has been delayed subtracted by the number of Ben Harbin court delays
  7. subtract the number of bottles of hair spray used by Judge Bobby Christine in a month and then multiply by a half of the number of ounces of hair dye used by Christine in a week

And now, at number 2…we have a tie.  Yes a tie.  WHOA!  You’re probably thinking that if there’s a tie at number 2, then our list is actually a top 6.  So?  This post received more emails to us than all others, and this one received a bunch of unique visitors.

We have received a lot of emails about the ethics complaint filed against the Columbia County Republican Chairman and asked about the rest of the story we have been promising.  We have the rest, and we have been sent additional information that makes it look like a cover up, but we’ll let you decide.  The reason for the delay is that there is a lot…whole lot of information that has to be presented, and we have the next installment pretty much ready, but we want to take our time and make sure it’s perfect.  Unfortunately, one of us had a family emergency and had to leave to tend to it, 2 of us were called away by our employers, and one of us was in the hospital for a week.  We’re all back now and this week we intend to put out another post on the comedy of the Columbia County Republican Party.



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