BREAKING NEWS: Ethics Complaint Against GOP Chairman

We received the following email from Lee Benedict.  Apparently, he filed an ethics complaint with the Columbia County Republican Party against its Chairman, Brian Slowinski…in August that according to him went nowhere.  This is a copy of the complaint he sent to us  He also sent this picture that he claims to be of the CCGOP website:


Below the line is a LTE, which, I tried to make as brief as possible.  I told Brian Slowinski and an overwhelming majority of the Executive Board of the Columbia County Republican Party of Georgia that I will follow Slowinski’s lead and go to the media (submit a Letter to the Editor) if this is not resolved.  They had their monthly meeting on 9/19 and then they had a special called meeting on 9/30 to address this complaint, sent on 8/17 and 8/22.  Nothing happened, so I told them that I will do this in 72 hours (it’s been 120) if Slowinski was still Chairman or if he did not submit a LTE of his own (I provided a draft) apologizing to the Executive Board, with a sentence of thanks for me.  I have been told that a member met with him on Friday and encouraged him to resolve this.  I do have a bunch of emails pertaining to this…all of them actually, including, one to State GOP Chairman Sue Everhart.  To be honest, let’s suppose that Slowinski were to attempt to resolve this, the problem would still exist, i.e., the Chairman’s attitude.  Several members of the Board have contacted me numerous times in an attempt to make peace and resolve this, and it is appreciated.  One person even called me while on vacation and asked if I would wait another 48 hours.  I did, and still nothing from Slowinski.  So the Chairman acts a certain way, and as a result, an ethics complaint is filed…on 8/17 and on 8/22, and, on 10/10, there is allegedly no Ethics Committee or Chairman.  Brian Slowinski could have probably resolved this with a phone call and a meeting.  However, for reasons only known to him, he demurred from doing such.  Now, in order to get resolution on a simple yet serious complaint, I am sending editorials to local media outlets.

If you decide that you want to write a column/editorial of your own about this, I will forward all of the emails to you so that you can see that I am not making up any of this.  Thanks.



On August 17th, I submitted an “ethics complaint” against Columbia County GOP Chairman, Mr. Brian Slowinski, to the Party’s (then) Ethics Committee Chairman (who since resigned) regarding Slowinski’s threatening emails to me and his unprofessional dictatorial persona.  Hearing nothing, on August 22nd I forwarded the complaint to the Vice Chairs.  The complaint was acknowledged.

Almost eight weeks later, and nothing.  I’m told Slowinski has no Ethics Committee because he refuses to nominate a new Ethics Chairman IAW the Party’s bylaws that he removed from the Party’s website (and since reposted but you must search for them) that he copyright protected in his name and of which he is the webmaster.  However, as of October 10th, his website clearly states that “Deb McCord” is Ethics Chair and Carl Schluter is Legal Counsel.  I don’t know what they’re up to, but it can’t be noble, especially when the facts are that McCord’s daughter is Chairman of the Young Republicans of Augusta who relocated the Columbia County Young Republicans, and, who praised a Letter to the Editor from Scott Dean’s Campaign Manager on her Facebook page that condemned the CCGOP Executive Board.  She wrote, “Excellent letter by…in the The Columbia County News-Times today. We need more people who are willing to stand up and speak the truth!”  And according to Barry Paschal, she was the one responsible for putting Carl Schluter for School Board push cards on mailboxes along with Nathan Deal push cards not even a year ago.  Now, on Slowinski’s website, he has words of thanks for her “Technical Assistance”.  It all seems to be coming together doesn’t it?

Some Executive Board members told me that they strongly encouraged Slowinski to contact me and seek resolution.  He refused.  But he did call me, a private citizen, twice on March 28th demanding that I remove a link critical of County Commission Chairman Ron Cross from my personal Facebook page.  And I’m not the only citizen Chairman Slowinski contacted with the demand. Does Columbia County’s Democratic Party Chairman act similarly?

Slowinski is quick to address the media and declare he is Chairman (see April 06 and May 22, 2011 The Columbia County News-Times, April 14, 2011 The Metro Spirit) He even took to the airwaves declaring his authority. But when it’s time to “be” Chairman, crickets.

Isn’t this similar to Barack Obama’s style?  Slowinski and Obama give ample evidence demonstrating that they are in way over their heads, filled with notions of superiority ripe with narcissism.  They are in their positions for the perks and ego trips, not to discharge their offices’ duties, and, are ridden with such pride and ego that they cut off the nose to spite the face. 

What “leader” hides when a complaint is filed, especially when he must know that he’s wrong?  What “leader” is not mature enough to attempt to resolve an issue, even after his board emphatically suggested it during a special meeting called because of the “leader’s” behavior?

The Republican candidate won Columbia County’s last partisan election by 23 votes.  If Slowinski keeps this up…


WHOA!  Benedict sent the links for us and furnished a copy of the complaint and a picture which he stated is evidence that Deb McCord is indeed the chairman of the ethics committee and that Carl Schluter is Legal Counsel.  At first and second look it looks like Slowinski is quietly stacking the board with allies.  Our opinion is, if he can do it, why not stack the deck with allies?  But we only have Benedict’s side to this.  But Lee Benedict has a reputation of being thorough and accurate…with that exception of searching the FEC website for disclosures…but other than that, he’s very reliable.  If Brian Slowinski wishes to respond to anything, we will post what he has to say as long as it is has no cussing.

Something that rang bells with us is “Deb McCord”.  As we understand, she is Georgia GOP’s secretary or associate secretary or some secretary, and is a CCGOP past chairman.  Our opinion is that if what Benedict wrote is true, we think that she should have taken charge of her committee and tried to find a solution…that is if what Benedict wrote is true, but we can see the picture and her name is in it.  We do know that in order to be chairman, the board has to vote her in (Schluter too).  And since their names are listed, it makes sense to think that she is the ethics chairman and Schluter is their counsel, and both are tied in to Slowinski who did put a little thank you to McCord’s daughter.  Some of us asked each other why the board would approve them with the conflict of interest and making them look like a clique.  But that’s their business.  But it looks like it’s coming back to bite them. 

Benedict’s email to us mentioned that he will send emails to us.  We sent him an email asking for him to do it.  We don’t want all of them, just the ones dealing with the complaint and the wait that is close to 2 months, and who is chairman of what.  When we get those, depending on how much there is, we will split up the work and research it and let you know.  Brian Slowinski, Deb McCord, Carl Schluter, and any other board member who would like to add anything is welcome to send us their comments and we will print them.  We just wanted to report the complaint and some information to you as soon as possible.



2 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Ethics Complaint Against GOP Chairman

  1. it looks like high and mighty republican columbia county is having some trouble. if benedict sent in the complaintin august, and its now the middle of october, these people are up to something if they cant even deal with a little complaint.

    Posted by richmond dem | October 11, 2011, 11:02 pm
  2. I saw the website a few weeks ago and it looks akin to a Brian Slowinski fan club site. It has solicitations for money. As a licensed accountant of 23 years, I can tell you that a political organization asking for donations is legal, but, with the “(c) Brian Slowinski 2011” on each page, he puts the organization in jeopardy of having its taxation status readjusted. If they have counsel, then I would have to think that he researched it and approved the copyright. Political organizations are outside my area of expertise, but you might want to look at the IRC, Internal Revenue Code, Sections 501, 527, and 6113, and Notice 88-120 to be 100% positive.

    Posted by Perry 2012 | October 12, 2011, 4:46 pm

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