Emperor Ronny Antebellum

with no vote to sell, their motto is “couldn’t care less,” Time was when their plebiscite elected generals, heads of state, commanders of legions: but now they’ve pulled in their horns, there’s only two things than concern them: BREAD and CIRCUSES. – Juvenal, Roman satirist (55-127 AD)

The marketing blitz for the new Lady Antebellum amphitheater is an excellent example of Bread and Circuses.  It diverts everyone’s attention away from the fact that the county will have almost $10 million invested in the park project.  The $10 million is important, but let’s not forget that the business savvy County Commission took some of the most valuable property in the county off the tax digest.  WHOA!

Now we have two amphitheaters literally right across the street from each other, and we bet that neither will be used 30 days out of each year.  Think about this, how many people from Grovetown, Harlem, or Appling will bother to take their dogs to the new doggie fountain or take their children to the playground?  When people don’t bother to vote, they are either too complacent from the circuses (all our wonderful and expensive projects), or too disgusted with the status quo and convinced their vote won’t make a difference.

Not in Columbia County you say.  Let’s look at facts:

Columbia County Population, 2010 – 124,053

Persons under 18 years old- 2009 – 28.0%

Persons over 18 (eligible to vote) 72%

.72 X 124,053 = 89,318

Registered Voters in Columbia County 73,739

Number eligible but not registered – 15,579

Number voting in 2010 General Election – 37,907 or 51.41% of those registered

Percent voting out of all eligible to register – 42.4%

BREAD and CIRCUSES…Columbia County style Thank your Columbia County Commissioner and County Commission Chairman.  As you’re giving thanks, thank Barry Paschal and Morris Communications for keeping us informed.

Coming soon: Barry Paschal, Judge Bobby Christine, and someone in Wilcox County.



One thought on “Emperor Ronny Antebellum

  1. In your article “Practice What You Preach; The Conclusion” you mention a Jane in Appling County and a James in Wilcox County. I assume you are going to talked about the aforementioned James. When are you going to tell us about Jane? Inquiring minds want to know!

    Posted by Harvy Updyke (not my real name... sorry, I'm chicken) | October 5, 2011, 12:24 am

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