Why on earth would any reasonable person (conservative) support the T-SPLOST?  We’re being serious, inspired by today’s Peach Pundit posting.  Granted, it was a poll by an Atlanta paper, and Atlanta stands to rake in big big bucks, so Atlantans may support this nonsense…but WHOA!

Democrats and liberals own the copyright for the fear-mongering, desperation, almost-Armageddon-like consequences that will come if tax increases are not passed, that is, after their whine line of, “Who doesn’t want good roads?”  Ron Cross is a prime example as we pointed out.  And Ron Cross’ cheerleader Bobby Christine, JUDGE Bobby Christine, claims to be a fiscal hawk and is among the first to call someone a liberal.

Georgia’s roads are ranked in the top 10 nationwide.  There are 50 states and Washington, DC, and Georgia is a top-10 stateYet Congressmanwannabe Lee Anderson, thinking about being Congressmanwannabe Ben Harbin, Bill Jackson, and Barbara Sims, voted to stick us with another tax and claims that it is for roads.  We support roads, good roads.  Who doesn’t?  But get this, we already pay enough and the legislators do not spend wisely. 

Let’s look at facts: Georgia is a top-10 state for roads, yet Columbia County Republicans (the legislators and those who elect them want a billion dollar+ tax increase for “road and transportation projects”.  They do this while Georgia’s schools are a bottom-2 industry and teachers are being furloughed and less funds are being allocated for education.  The next time you see Lee Anderson, Ben Harbin, Bill Jackson, or Barbara Sims, thank them, but don’t you dare say anything negative because Columbia County Republican Party Chairman Brian Slowinski may get mad for not bowing to elected Republicans.  Don’t worry…they keep this up and there will not be as many elected Republicans in Columbia County.

Thank you Columbia County legislative delegation!

Have you ever wondered…

…how did they get in there?


How do you get them out?



One thought on “Why T-SPLOST?

  1. Each time we fill our vehicles with gas, a portion of the cost per gallon goes to the state but Columbia County chose to use their own tax dollars to widen Washington Road which is a state road rather than let the state pay for it. The residents of Columbia County need to start looking at how their tax dollars are spent.

    Posted by lcu1577 | September 27, 2011, 5:46 pm

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