The Austin Rhodes Show Facebook Wall Answers The Question

“That CCCV website is nothing but a bunch of whiney babies hiding under a rock. I sign my name to what I say…they damn well can do the same”.

That is what The Austin Rhodes Show posted on its Facebook wall of honor.  For time’s sake, we’ll refer to The Austin Rhodes Show’s Facebook wall as “the show”. 

I sign my name to what I say…they damn well can do the same is not a compelling reason for us to reveal our identities.  Pay us what the show’s namesake gets paid/give us the same contract, and we’ll go on air and report this stuff and get higher ratings.  Anyway, why is the show so concerned?  What’s it matter?  We print the truth and that’s the truth.  If we print anything that is not true, tell us, slam the hell out of us on the radio, whatever.  What we put on our wall is more, far more, accurate than what the show puts on its wall…more, much more, on that when the time is right.

How many times has the show and other media people such as Barry Paschal used unnamed sources and anonymous sources?  Tell us.  Why do you not reveal your sources?  You promise anonymity in order to extract information so that you can report it first, and just maybe so the sources will not have to worry about harassment, payback, retaliation…?  Tell us, why do you refuse to report what we report?  Are you afraid of what we just stated?  We know of all of what we report about, so we think that established media people can get information much easier than we do.  And guess what, your refusal to identify your sources is protected by law.  When sources were giving information to you about Scott Dean, many of the area’s media didn’t want anything to do with it.  Again, much more on that when the time’s right.

So it’s perfectly acceptable, fine, rosy, constitutional for the show, Paschal, and others to hide their “sources”, but not for us?  They can say and write whatever they want and claim that they have a source that they do not have to reveal.  Why doesn’t the show report what we report?  We think you know why.

The show’s childish rant caused us to think about how the Democrats operate with the help of union thugs.  Remember the Employee Free Choice Act of 2009?  Less than 2 months after Obama became president, the Democrats tried to ram through this thing, aka “Card Check”, that  does away with secret ballots regarding union involvement and union related business.  The unions want to know who does what so that if the workers do not submit to the unions’ demands, someone will have a chat and tune up the defiant ones.  It’s thuggery and an attempt to destroy the sanctity of the secret ballot and the right of free people to speak their minds.  This is in our opinion what the show wants to do with us; make our identities known so that the media folks obedient to the establishment can use the First Amendment to say all kinds of things about us, use political influence to interfere with our employment and way of life.  Nice try but we will not be bullied into submission to the Columbia County and Richmond County establishment, and our First Amendment rights are just as protected as yours, regardless of what you may think.

What would have happened if Samuel Adams put his business in the open?  God Save The Queen would be played before every Braves and Falcons game that’s what.

So to The Austin Rhodes Show Facebook administrator, who’s the whiney baby?  You attack our not revealing our names…that all you got?  Challenge us on the facts and what you refuse to report.  You know that we report facts so you resort to the vintage Democrat plan of attack, name calling.  When facts aren’t on your side, call them names.  When that fails big, demand that they reveal themselves just as the union thugs want with Card Check.  What’s next show?  Congress is back from vacation so you can ask the Democrats what they would do.  And since the show has obvious issues finding facts (which is why we are here, to report what the local media censors), here, we’ll help:  To ask the AFL-CIO for tactical advice, click here; if you would rather seek the wisdom of the SEIU, here you go; if you’re more in tune with the Teamsters, give them a call



One thought on “The Austin Rhodes Show Facebook Wall Answers The Question

  1. Only the simple minded and lazy people let Austin do their thinking for them.

    Posted by Columbia County Conservative Viewpoint | September 4, 2011, 10:23 pm

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