Are You Serious? Seriously?

The Augusta Chronicle is reporting that State Representative Lee Anderson is “seriously looking at it”…running for Congress in the new 12th District, if the proposed map becomes official.  Why?  We’re by no means stating that he shouldn’t.  But why would he run and vacate the state legislature?

If you recall, we reported that the proposed maps have Lee Anderson’s and Barry Fleming’s prints on themThe new State House map puts Lee Anderson and Barry Fleming in the same district, but cuts out Brett McGuire’s house, putting it in there with Madison County.  So if Anderson were to not seek reelection and run for Congress, Barry Fleming will probably run for the seat, and thanks to the funky cartography exercise, will not have McGuire as an opponent.  Someone will run against Fleming, just not McGuire who will give Barry a run for his money.  And let’s not forget that a reader posted that we shouldn’t rule out Pat Goodwin making a state legislature run.  Goodwin is a former Chairman of the Columbia County Republican Party who took over when Lawrence Hammond was ousted then inappropriately reinstated by 10th District GOP Chairman Dave Barbee then resigned.  We don’t know much about Goodwin other than she maintained a positive attitude and professionalism while keeping the party together amid a media feeding frenzy spearheaded by Barry Paschal who felt it relevant to report on her living arrangements.  Paschal reported on that but still refuses to mention Bobby Christine and his multiple violations of judicial canon while publishing feel-good articles on Goodwin’s replacement that in our opinion are not accurate. Then again, the maps have to be finalized so all of this is speculation.

So let’s speculate.  John Stone will probably want another shot at the 12th.  Jim Whitehead may want another one too, as might Barry Fleming.  Then we have Republican and Democratic state legislators and lawyers who feel entitled to a seat in Congress and may run.  Former Augusta Mayor Bob Young may run, probably as a Republican, but with his record who knows.  A Columbia County Democrat may very well step up, as might some unknowns, newbies, and grassroots conservatives.

We know one thing, if Anderson runs, his campaign people will be putting in some serious O.T. teaching him how to speak English.



2 thoughts on “Are You Serious? Seriously?

  1. Please say “it ain’t so”. It is bad enough that Lee Anderson is in the Georgia House. Thankfully, he is not my Representative (that honor goes to Ben “Two Poles ” Harbin). If he gets elected to congress, I am leaving the county. I cannot fathom the prospect of being represented by the bastard love child of Foghorn Leghorn and Elmer Fudd (despite how funny the C-SPAN coverage may be). I challenge anyone in the web-o-sphere to prove that Lee Anderson is literate.

    Posted by Dave in Evans | August 25, 2011, 12:09 am
  2. Lee Anderson is literate and you would be a naive, and sad person to think so. It truly is sad that honest, brilliant, and real man like Lee cannot truly seek to help people and make a difference without idiotic people bashing them for no reason whatsoever. You shuold really make your arguments more fact based and stop sounding like a bigoted liberal; you pompous ass. If you want to really make a difference why don’t you get off your sorry butt and run for office instead of bashing someone you don’t even know, grow up. I know Lee personally and he is a great man that is greatly respected. I feel very sorry for someone who will blindly go about searching for bad things to say about someone, using cartoons and a false reality. I m from realville

    Posted by Tyler | July 30, 2012, 8:07 pm

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