“Proposed” Redistricting Maps

This is the proposed GA State House map (open the link then scroll down to download as PDF), and this is the proposed GA Senate map.  WHOA!  If these don’t have Barry Fleming’s prints all over them!

It is no secret that after Barry Fleming’s million dollar campaign and two million dollar butt whippin’ against Paul Broun, he has been waiting to return to Atlanta to bow to the hierarchy and move up the ranks to bow some more.  He was the House Majority Whip, but he abandoned that in order to run against Paul Broun because Barry is from Columbia County, and gosh darn it, Columbia County is entitled to a Congressman!  Columbia County and 20 other counties thought differently.

Look at the proposed House map.  Look at Columbia County.  Barbara Sims will gain more of Columbia County, it appears as though Ben Harbin will lose some area, but focus on the northeast corner…what do you see?  We all saw right off the bat that a few acres will be in a district will all of Lincoln County, 40-45% of Wilkes County, all of Elbert County, and a little more than half of Madison County.  So Columbia County will be in 4 different House Districts.  WHOA!  One for Sims.  One for Harbin.  One for Lee Anderson, and the other for someone else from another county.  But wait…

For several months we have been hearing that Anderson would like to move to the Senate, and he could make the run, but Bill Jackson would be in his way, unless he were to not run again.  Oh, Columbia County would be in 2 Senate Districts.  WHOA!  Fleming would run for the seat held now by Anderson but would probably have to go against Brett McGuire and perhaps Lee Benedict.  In a reply email to us, Benedict said that he is not interested and McGuire has yet to respond.  But wait.  That district that spans the state which contains a few acres in Columbia County…Brett McGuire lives on some of that land.   We have heard that Jim Whitehead has an itch to return to Atlanta as well.  To us (with 2 in disagreement), Fleming and Friends did that on purpose, in our opinion. 

We don’t know if Ben Harbin will run again, especially after being stripped of his Chairman post.  If he doesn’t, some say that Ron Cross or Ron Thigpen will go for it leaving Mike Sleeper, Ron Thigpen, Brett McGuire, and others to be looking to replace Cross.  But let’s be honest, no one can replace Cross.  Sitting out there is Bill Jackson, Jr. who has been active politically lately.  And who really knows what will happen with the new congressional map which will influence this as well.

Our opinion is that both proposed maps are rigged for Fleming, Anderson, and their pals.  What’s your opinion?



2 thoughts on ““Proposed” Redistricting Maps

  1. Do not rule out Pat Goodwin running for Ben Harbins seat if he does not run. Ron Cross against Pat Goodwin in that race would not finish 3rd!

    Posted by jim | August 19, 2011, 10:53 pm
  2. What does “Ron Cross against Pat Goodwin in that race would not finish 3rd!” mean?

    Posted by YeSun Wiltse | August 25, 2011, 12:20 pm

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