Why Does the Columbia County GOP Do This?

I saw a werewolf drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic’s.  His hair was perfect.  Aaaooh werewolves of London – from Warren Zevon’s song “Werewolves of London”, Atlantic Records/ATG

We have learned that Columbia County Chief Magistrate Judge Bobby Christine  will be August’s guest speaker at the monthly Columbia County Republican Party breakfast at Fatz Cafe in Evans on the 27th.  WHOA!  Why would Chairman Brian Slowinski have Christine as a guest speaker? 

Christine knowingly violated judicial canon (more than once) and our opinion is that Slowinski and his board knows it.  But since Christine pals around and hobnobs with the right people and has donated a healthy little bit to some campaigns, he gets appointed.  He has not been elected, and if he runs for reelection, he will have opposition in the primary.  We still can’t understand how he could be so arrogant as to formally endorse Ron Cross (not that the media commented on it, but still) and be Ben Harbin’s campaign committee chairman.  Will he ever explain himself?  Will anyone ever file a formal complaint with the Judicial Qualifications Commission? 

Christine’s violation of canon that judges must follow is getting known around town especially with the News-Times letter to the editor.  But Slowinski apparently (in our opinion) is rallying the troops around Christine because he is a proclaimed Republican.  We would like to know why Slowinski and his inner circle executive board ignore Christine’s obvious, blatant, and arrogant violations.  Why are you afraid of doing the right thing and saying that he violated judicial canon?  Republicans always complain about Democrats’ unauthorized acts and usually say, “We replace ours.  Democrats reelect theirs.”  Well, will any of the good Columbia County Republicans challenge Bobby L. Christine and “replace” him?  Will Brian Slowinski qualify him to run as a Republican?  You’re not fooling as many people as you once did, and when the time is right, we’ll go to news outlets with what we have since you’re afraid to call him out and he’s not close to man enough to admit his violations…at least for the past several months that we’ve been reporting on this.

We have an idea…how about some people in attendance at Fatz Cafe 464 North Belair Road Evans, GA 30809 asking Christine why he violated judicial canon not once but twice?  We would love for the letter writer of the above letter to the editor to show up and question JUDGE Christine in front of everyone why he did what he did that he must have known was verbotten.  Christine has been hiding for months and the local media covers for him, so it’s up to us.  Ask Christine.  If he is man enough to field questions after his speech, ask him about endorsing Ron Cross and ask him about being Ben Harbin’s campaign committee chairman.  If he denies it, we have proof and will go public.  If he claims that he had no idea that his arrogant actions breeched canon, then he is not competent to be a judge or licensed attorney.  Shame on Brian Slowinski and the Columbia County Republican Party’s executive board, committee, whatever it’s called. 



2 thoughts on “Why Does the Columbia County GOP Do This?

  1. As a board member I have never been asked or voted on who will speak at the Breakfast. So Please do not give that view to your readers.

    Posted by Any | August 16, 2011, 10:36 pm

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