Ron Cross, Ron Thigpen, What Are You Hiding?

The Columbia County Commission has been operating under its current budget since July 1st.  Why do they refuse to post it on its website?  As of today, it’s not there.  Why?  In fact, the Budget area of the Financial Services Division has not updated its website since 9/9/10.  WHOA!

When was the budget voted on and approved?  April?  May?  Why does the county refuse to post it on its site?  What are they hiding?  For the Financial Services Division to post nothing new on its website in almost a year is reflective of county government.  At least Barack Obama posted  his health care thing on line.

What will happen first – – – – – – Barack Obama will reveal his financial plan, or Ron Cross and his protege Ron Thigpen will post the current budget that they have been operating with for close to 2 months?

Coming next:  Columbia County Republican Party guest speaker rationale



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