Teachers, Please Be Careful

Most of the CSRA’s teachers have started returning to work and we wish them well.  We also urge you to be careful about every move, thought, and word.  We do this for obvious reasons…and for another that’s not so obvious.  Barry Paschal, Publisher of Columbia County’s lovely “news”paper, may be watching and observing your moves from a distance.  Why do we say this?  Paschal’s/Morris Communications’ history.

On May 1st we reported about Paschal’s/Morris’ tactics.  A local teacher posted something to his Facebook page using his BlackBerry during school hours.  If he was in class, we will be the first (probably second given Paschal’s hunger to write about certain people) to read him the riot act.  Below is a clip from our May 1st story:

LW posted something to Facebook during school hours.  If a teacher is at school, then he/she should not be using Facebook and we’ll be among the first to say it.  However, we will not assume that someone is present for work on any given day.  Allegedly, Paschal sent an email to LW’s principal and/or assistant principal and mentioned his post.  Good job Barry.  Did you email the Georgia Judicial Qualifications Commissions and spill the beans on Bobby Christine and Willie Saunders?  Did you email the Department of Revenue inquiring about a 400% discrepancy regarding reports of Columbia County’s tax-exempt properties?  Probably if not definitely, not.

Someone asked LW a question on his Facebook page regarding Paschal’s inquiry, and this was his response: “Gee, how did you hear about that? In any event, it’s sort of true; it was an email about the time of a Facebook post. The post was done via BlackBerry as I was on my way to the restroom near the end of my planning period, and, the post took roughly 30 seconds.”

We have numerous issues with this.  If Paschal sent LW an email or commented on his post and wrote something along the line of, “I sure hope you’re not doing this from school”, anyone would understand that.  But we saw the post Paschal whined about, and it was posted at 10:13AM, and, it indicates that it was done via BlackBerry.  Why would Paschal go straight to LW’s boss?  Looking at the timeline beginning with the letter’s submission and LW’s Facebook comments on Paschal’s eloquent reply, it’s obvious that Paschal, and perhaps even Morris, are trying to inconvenience him at work, or get him fired, by retaliating for sending a letter to the editor that speaks the truth and that Paschal can’t stand.  Barry Paschal, a Morris Communications executive, goes to a letter writer’s boss over this.  That’s dirty pool.  What is Paschal’s agenda?

There you go.  And Barry and Morris Communications executives, the questions have not been answered.  Why do you continue to censor information?  Two judges violate judicial canon more than once and Morris Communications does nothing.  And then there’s Ron Cross, Ron Thigpen, Georgia Bank and Trust, Trey Allen, and the rest of them who you shield.  Your continued censorship puts the entire Morris empire under a cloud and we do not trust your motivation.  But, John Peter Zenger must be smiling upon you and your ways.  A teacher posts something to Facebook during his planning period that took 30 seconds from his BlackBerry, and Barry Paschal rockets an email to the teacher’s boss.  The Facebook post in question was about a judge breaking judicial code and the local “news”paper covering it up, censoring if you prefer.  WHOA!  We all wish that we could get paid a nice salary and title to sit around surfing Facebook and forums just waiting to stop the presses when a teacher posts something to Facebook or a citizen misspells “taxpayors”, only to censor reporting judges doing things that violate judicial canon.  But we can’t.  The Augusta Chronicle has removed its forums page.  WHOA!  We wonder if our continued reporting on Paschal’s behavior on the forums had anything to do with it.

Barry Paschal, Morris Communications, did you apologize to the teacher who you (in our opinion) tried to get fired?  The teacher has not responded to our email seeking if an apology was issued.  We saw nothing in your print publications and were just wondering if anyone was going to man-up and do the right thing.  Speaking of emails, we received a lengthy one from Jim Bartley of Evans who explained why he thinks Paschal is not reporting facts about certain establishment hacks.  He provides dates, prosecuting attorney, case number, and other facts that Morris Communications has not reported and that contradict some of Paschal’s writings.  That’s for another article at another time.

Teachers, we wish you well and success…just watch your back.




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