Just WHAT Does Barry Paschal Believe?

We all know that Barry Paschal refused to print a letter to the editor written by Lee Benedict of Martinez (who does not care for us mentioning his name as long as we are anonymous), so we did (and Paschal recently printed a more friendly version…more on this in a few days).  In that letter was a statement, a factual statement, about Judge Bobby Christine endorsing Ron Cross in public which just so happens to be against judicial canon.  The News-Times refused to report it, even after it was sent to Paschal’s attention.  Why?  On December 23, 2009, Paschal wrote,Christmas is almost here and we have yet to receive a single Christmas letter at my house.  We’ve received lots of Christmas cards, of course. The best so far is from Columbia County Chief Magistrate Bobby Christine and his family, with a photo of them posed in front of Graceland and making a “Blue Christmas” reference.  Thank yuh Bobbeh, thank yuh verruh much.”  A reader sent an email our way and speculated that Paschal is covering Christine because of a case he allegedly prosecuted which hits close to home.  We can go to the courthouse and request the information of that particular case number, and we probably will.  We have reported about what Paschal writes about certain candidates and private citizens.  If he wrote those things about those people, what possible reason could there be for a newspaper publisher to withhold, to censor, information about a judge doing a forbidden act?  You know, that’s 2 acts, remember he was Ben Harbin’s campaign committee chairman for years.  Is this how a newspaper operates? 

On December 31, 2008, Paschal wrote:

So, how do you get tax cuts without violating free market principles?

First, you get them by insisting on electing conservatives who are less inclined to see money as the solution to every problem. And then you look in the mirror: If you’re complaining about traffic, or the lack of pavement on the dirt road in front of the house you bought on a dirt road, or crowded classrooms, or asking for any of a plethora of government services, then you are making a case not for less taxes, but for more.

n (sic) short? You get tax cuts by insisting that politicians spend less. And by demanding less in the first place.

“…insisting on electing conservatives who are less inclined to see money as the solution to every problem”?  WHOA!  We agree.  But WHOA!  Paschal is Ron Cross’ biggest rah-rah-man, but Cross’ goal is to spend as much as he possibly can, in our opinion (an opinion based on Cross’ history).  How much county money did he spend on a State Highway Patrol station…$2,000,000?  How much money is to be spent on widening Washington Road (another STATE RESPONSIBILITY)…$37,000,000-$50,000,000?  Paschal finishes up with, “The only thing you’ll get from gimmicks is frustration when they don’t work – and ignorant cynicism from frustrated folks who misdirect the reasons for that failure.”  Barry, what is Columbia County’s debt?  Columbia County’s debt per person is more than $900, the HIGHEST IN THE STATE, A STATE WITH 159 COUNTIES.

Remember the above when you read what Barry Paschal, Publisher, wrote to conclude his July 18, 2010 diatribe; “May the best candidates win. And if you’re curious, I’m voting for Ron Cross. Take that, nuts and crazies.”  Ron Cross’ opponent was Brett McGuire.  McGuire was crisscrossing Columbia County telling everyone that too much money is being spent and our debt is waaaay too high.  But Barry Paschal, the pride of Morris Communications, declared by implication in print media that if you don’t vote for Ron Cross, the candidate who has 1 personal bankruptcy and 2 business bankruptcies, you’re all “nuts and crazies”.  So, don’t vote for the retired plant manager who worked within a budget.  Vote for Ron Cross and his 3 bankruptcies.  THAT must be what Paschal meant by “electing conservatives who are less inclined to see money as the solution to every problem”.  We get it now.  Thank yuh Barreh, thank yuh verruh much.

On December 28, 2008 Paschal wrote, “Each year we look around to see what gifts Saint Nick dropped off, and then take inventory to find which ones we could use that he didn’t bring. With tongue firmly in cheek, then, here is The News-Times’ annual list of The Gifts that Santa Forgot:”

“- For local swim teams: their own aquatic center in Columbia County. Voters drained that idea in November, so their only hope was a gift from Santa or from a benefactor with deep pockets. Maybe the feds have a few million in leftover bailout money.”  Yes, voters did drain that idea.  BUT, this is Ron Cross and the Columbia County Commissioners, and they hid the project in a SPLOST package.  THAT must be what Paschal meant by “electing conservatives who are less inclined to see money as the solution to every problem”.  We get it now.  Thank yuh Barreh, thank yuh verruh much.

In this story and then again in this story we used Paschal’s own words to show you in black and white what Paschal wants all of you to believe about certain people outside the loop.  Of Lee Benedict he stated, “Please; put yourself out of our misery.”  WHOA!  He also wrote “It’s impossible to mention George Snelling during the campaign season without noting his bullying errand-boy: Jim Bartley.”  WHOA!  He also wrote “Snelling is a rabid supporter of Brett McGuire, who is challenging County Commission Chairman Ron Cross in the July 20 Republican primary.”  WHOA!  Big on rhetoric and big words, miniscule on facts.  You can read the rest by clicking the links and seeing for yourselves what Barry Paschal, a newspaper publisher, writes about certain people who buck the system, upset the apple cart…Funny though, he blasted Brett McGuire, Lee Benedict, and David Payne and used terms such as “three-time loser” and others, but Vernon Thomas lost what, 5 times.  Thomas is a good man.  But why does Paschal treat certain candidates differently?

We think we know.  Thomas is a Democrat.  McGuire, Benedict, and Payne are Republicans and are very vocal about spending on unnecessary items and projects.  Paschal demands that we elect conservatives, but he never ever calls out Ron Cross or Commissioner and Georgia Bank and Trust bigwig, Ron Thigpen, or Commissioner and non-payer of rent for his business Trey Allen for being ultra-liberal spenders.  Our opinion is that Paschal is the establishment’s lap dog and a closet liberal Democrat who writes about being conservative to satisfy the majority of Columbia County residents.  What does he believe?  Why does Morris Communications permit this?



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