Mail Bag

We have received numerous emails about various topics and previous entries, and have decided to group all of them into one thread.  Without further delay, let us respond to the people (follow our lead other media outlets).

  • “To the Viewpoint – I wondered why you always picked on Barry Paschal but after reading all your columns and seeing your links I now know why.But you let Austin Rhodes slide and he is worse than Paschall imho.”

Thanks for the comments.  Barry Paschal has a long history of using Morris Communications time and equipment to unleash his agenda, in our humble opinion.  Since we have been showing this to the public regularly, our opinion is that his employer/supervisor had a little chat with him, because lately he has been quite the professional publisher.  Our opinion is that a newspaper should be a newspaper, not an avenue for its employees to attack.  The news should be reported in a fair and impartial fashion in our opinion.  As far as letting “Austin Rhodes slide”, we’ll just say that we have mentioned him a few times.  He hosts the Austin Rhodes Radio Show.  It’s a show and he entertains.  His ratings have dropped and our opinion is that people are waking up.  Paschal is the publisher of the county’s newspaper.  Rhodes is a radio show host.  We hold Paschal to a higher standard of professionalism.

  • “who r u idiots. stop hiding behinf a blog!!!!!”

Thank you.  It doesn’t matter who we are.  What difference does it make?  The facts are the facts.  Also, we think that the mystery adds a little bit of interest

  • ” Y’all I LOVE this site!  I wish I knew who you are.  Please think about following up on your posts instead of posting a story then moving on to another.  Bobby Christine, Ron Cross, the whole commission.  But what really bugged me and my husband is that we pay $50,000 a year for those ridiculous water bill newsletters and when we read your thread about the crime stats a few months ago, we went through the roof.  I get mad thinking about it.  I would want to know if Ron Cross said anything about it and why no crime figures were reported for 2 months.  Thanks to you all for doing this.”

We get a lot of feedback on that story.  Thank you for your interest and passion and we hope you get involved (or stay involved) in government and demanding an honest government.  That newsletter was one for the ages, and if anyone wonders why we have started using “Whoa” regularly, it’s because Ron Cross used it in his newsletter doozy.  As far as Bobby Christine goes, he is no longer Ben Harbin’s campaign chairman, probably because we have written about that and his Ron Cross endorsement.  We didn’t know about the endorsement at first.  We found out about it after we heard that Paschal wouldn’t print a letter to the editor about it, and then we asked the person who allegedly wrote the letter to confirm if he did or didn’t write it.  Believe us, if Bobby Christine runs next year, we will keep talking about it.  It’s just damn arrogance on his part, and we have been asking around about possible reasons why Paschal won’t print that a judge broke cannon.  We would love to tell you who we are; but we are all worried about payback.

  • “Dear Columbia County Conservative Viewpoint.  I am well aware of the US Constitution and your right to post whatever about whomever, and I support fully that right. I appreciate that you have decided to step up and bring attention to what, in my view, the local media has not.  That being said, when possible, I would appreciate it if you left my name out of commentary and editorializations that do not pertain specifically to me and/or any future candidacy until such time that you too have affixed your name(s) to your posts, i.e., I want no part of your, whatever.  If you fear retaliation and/or retribution, I would think that if your identity/identities were made know, you would be in a position of “strength”, in that if anything should ever happen to you, your families, your employers…you could effectively claim retaliation and therefore draw more attention to whatever you want.  Think about it, and remember that if KISS took off the make-up, you can reveal your identies.”

We print what we consider newsworthy, and unless someone communicates with us who asks to remain nameless, we will list names, dates, and, places.  Thank you though for respecting our rights and putting us on the same level as KISS.

  • “Are you going to do another story on the Cross water bill mailing about the crime rates, since someone was robbed right outside the County headquarters?”

We will.  Probably tomorrow or the day after.  We will not let go of that.




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