The “Rain Tax” Man

If you noticed in Sunday’s Augusta Chronicle, there was a Letter to the Editor from ex-county commissioner Frank Spears. Spears tried valiantly to discredit Commissioner Charles Allen for not voting on the recent Augusta Prep football field lights controversy.

The rumor mill says Spears is considering a run for the District 3 seat currently held by Allen, so we think this is just the beginning of what will escalate into a full-blown assault.  Spears was a big supporter of Ron Cross, and we think a win for him would give Cross a 100% confidence level with the Commission.

In case you have forgotten, Frank Spears is the ding-dong that is credited with giving Columbia County its infamous “Rain Tax”.   And he did it while calling himself a conservative Republican.

We have a prediction to make:  Looks like our Commissioners are starting to “take turns” to not vote with the crowd.  That way they can pretend to not be part of the pack, but they can still get what they want.  Districts 2 and 3 are up for reelection next year and we think we will see more of this, especially with 1-2 candidates being recruited to challenge Trey “The Rent” Allen in District 2, who if defeated will be one less puppet for Cross.  We know how it’s accomplished, and when the time is right we will share their method with you.



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