Now Hear This

Why do some of the establishment’s worker bees feel the need to ping this website? Is it so you can maybe acquire an IP address which may or may not belong to one of us, and then seek retribution for us speaking the truth? Why else would someone do that? Are you planning an attack on us? What’s your goal? Whoa! The natives are getting restless because they know that we’re on to their crooked agenda and games and since we’re not Barry Paschal or Austin Rhodes, we will not report whatever you tell us. However, you are free to write a rebuttal to anything we publish.

Now hear this, if any of us, and/or if any of our family members experience sudden or gradual harassment at work, reduction in hours, termination of employment, problems with pensions or Social Security benefits, if any of our vehicles should be stolen or even dented while parked in a parking lot, if our children and/or grandchildren encounter newfound problems at school, Church, Little League, Campfire Girls, if one of us should lose cellular service, if our cable goes out, if a tree falls in one of our yards, if any of us, our family members, or close associates should receive a notice stating that our home’s value is now somewhat higher and so is the tax bill, anything…anything out of the ordinary, we will turn lose everything we have in terms of documented information, and turn it over to any and all media outlets and perhaps even the FBI, and, we can trace where all pings originated and will hold those persons responsible.

If you have issues or concerns with the truth we print, it would be wise to act in an honest and honorable manner (as Scott Hudson stated in his blog, and we have the same information [probably more] he has) to begin with. 



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