ARE THEY THAT DAMN DUMB…(or do they think we are)?

We by now have all heard of Arnold Schwarzenegger bringing his wife, their children, his family, to the christening of a child he fathered through adultery…he was present for his child’s christening right under his wife’s and their children’s noses.

On a parallel course, Columbia County has Ron Cross, his water bill inserts, and the local media.  Believe us when we report to you that Cross has outdone himself this time, and when we have it all nailed down and written, we will report it all to you…probably right after Memorial Day.  We fail to see how Ron Cross can be so brazen as to send lies, big, huge, lies, to the people.  Then again, kids do what they know they’ll get away with.  And since our local paid professional press personnel assists Cross in refusing to report the truth, he will keep on doing it.

Speaking of “we”, we receive a bit of communications asking that we identify ourselves.  And we realize that you want to know, we do not want to bring undue attention to ourselves or our families, because we are not convinced that we will be left alone by those who resent our truthful reporting which is why we do not post from our homes; we go to where there are wireless connections.  Just know that we report the truth that we think the people must know, but the local media does not.  Most of our readers wouldn’t even know us if we were to reveal ourselves.



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