Remember Our First Thread?

The current Columbia County Commission’s greatest fears are fact and common sense.  Far be it from us to say “I told you so”…but, this group is so predictable and it will continue to be until Barry Paschal, Donnie Fetter, and other media outlets comment on its cavalcade of examples of poor government and deceit.

It didn’t take long for Bill Morris to demonstrate his allegiance to Ron Cross’ commands.  We are speaking of his vote against installing lights at Augusta Prep’s stadium so that the kiddies can hold sporting events at night.  There was no political or practical reason for Morris voting against the school; it is in district 2.  As a former educator and administrator, he should understand the necessity of school sports. It appears that he was only following the leader as we predicted he would if elected.  If he opposed funding sports and minimized their importance while having influence over how the school system’s funds are spent, that would be different.  Maybe he was following school board member Mike Sleeper’s orders so that Sleeper would have his father-in-law, Ron Cross, support his bid for commissioner so that he can get elected and follow his orders.

Trey “Pay the Rent” Allen made the motion regarding the zoning.  As a resident of Spring Lakes and district 2 commissioner he has an obvious conflict of interest, so, why didn’t he abstain let alone make the motion?  Speaking of, why did Charles Allen abstain?  Speaking of Trey Allen, word around town is that the people of Spring Lakes are very…VERY, unhappy with him serving as district 1’s second commissioner as opposed to being the lone district 2 commissioner.  So unhappy in fact, that we have confirmed that residents of Trey Allen’s neighborhood of Spring Lakes have courted at least TWO people to challenge him next year.  One we never heard of, but the other we have heard of, and he is not afraid to take on the establishment’s boy…he’s done it before.

We would like to recommend that Augusta Prep take the matter to court.

The County Commission had no problems with the racetrack in Grovetown which is much louder and has more frequent events than the 5 or 6 days a year Augusta Prep would use the lights at its field. Here’s another example that demonstrates how the commission feels about Grovetown residents, which is district 4, vs. Spring Lakes residents.  Remember…facts and common sense…Columbia County Commission…Sesame Street’s “Three of these things belong together…”  We know which one doesn’t belong and we suspect that you do too.

A little history for ya’ in case you believe the Fairness Doctrine that Cross and crew are using to spin its denial of lights for Augusta Prep:

At the 15 February 2011 commission meeting, under the consent agenda, the commissioners:

“Awarded a maximum economic incentive of $2,000.00 to Bojangles’ restaurant for infrastructure improvements. Funding source: Economic Incentive Fund, 2252550-588001”

“Awarded a maximum economic incentive of $50,000.00 to Milton Reuben Automotive for infrastructure improvements. Funding source. Economic Incentive Fund, 2552550-588001”

There is no debate on the consent agenda.

Barry Paschal defended the action by reporting, “The expansion might increase Milton Ruben’s profit margin by $50 million a year, county Deputy Administrator Scott Johnson recently said.”

Why were these two businesses selected? Is this fair to other fast food establishments? How many hamburgers do you have to sell to make $2,000.00.  If Milton Ruben’s expansion will make an additional $50 million a year in profits, they certainly don’t need an incentive grant. How about the other car dealers in Columbia County?

Where’s the fairness and where’s the local media’s reporting of such???  We though that we would use our first cartoon from our first thread as a refresher of our prediction, and, as a reminder for Barry Paschal to devote another editorial to it, and, as a reminder for Columbia County Republican Party Chairman Brian Slowinski to go off the deep end again and call and email citizens and demand that it be removed from their personal Facebook pages.  Then again, he can’t even send out the CCGOP’s meeting notices via email…he has someone else do it.



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