Here we are, a few weeks after we proved that two CSRA judges, Bobby Christine and Willie Saunders, have gone against Georgia’s Judicial Code of Conduct, Christine more than Saunders, and our local media has chosen to remain silent on the issue. Why?

Columbia County Republican boss Brian Slowinski apparently has not issued a statement against the judges’ actions. Why? Slowinski was all too eager to have Ron Cross at the first Executive Board meeting after assuming the helm so that he can be witness to the scorn directed at board members in telling them to say nothing negative about Cross because he is Republican…or, runs on the GOP ticket…big difference. And, Barry Paschal took joy in writing all about it. So, why have Paschal and Slowinski ignored Christine’s public endorsement of a candidate and Christine’s and Saunders’ serving as State Representative Ben Harbin’s campaign committee officers? Well, we’re still waiting for an answer, and still waiting to read about it in the News (some) Times.

To Paschal’s credit, although it was weeks after the fact of his awareness of publishing false information due to his refusal to take 60-90 seconds to read election law, he did correct his error, and, gave credit to Lee Benedict, which had to, had to, be as enjoyable as drinking vinegar with a lemon juice chaser. For those who forgot, Benedict is one of Paschal’s favorite people to ridicule via half-truths while hiding behind First Amendment immunity. Paschal did devote a lot of ink to making excuses for his failure to report the truth, but he did come clean weeks after the fact. We’re making progress. 

Paschal’s and Slowinski’s refusal to speak of Christine and Saunders raises several questions.  Judges…people who sit in judgement of us…flaunting their violations of judicial canons and the local media is covering it up.  Makes one wonder why, does it not?  Well, since Sue Everhart was reelected (an in-your-face to Nathan Deal), perhaps she will be available for comment since Brian Slowinski and the CSRA media are hoping that this goes away and are therefore silent.  Why?  It’s news, and if you read Morris Communications’ publications and see what it deems newsworthy and what Barry Paschal devotes his columns to, and Brian Slowinski’s demand to ignore facts when Republicans err, for this to be shielded from the public, those who do not visit the Columbia County Conservative Viewpoint, makes it somewhat obvious that there is something else going on.  When we find out, we’ll let you know.  In the meantime, tick tick tick tick…



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