We Can Now Make The Call…

When polls opened on March 31st, we asked if News Times Publisher Barry Paschal was Ron Cross’ lap dog or Columbia County’s watch dog.  With polls still open, we have a call to make…Barry Paschal is Ron Cross’ watch dog, and then when it’s time, he’s Ron Cross’ lap dog. It’s obvious, or more than obvious, if you not only read Paschal’s columns, but if you have read his comments posted on-line over the years, it removes any doubt that Paschal is wrapped around Cross’ finger more than once.

For weeks we have told you about Columbia County math, Columbia County judges, and gross inaccuracies with Columbia County media reports.  Morris Communications remains silent of the fact that Judge Bobby Christine endorsed Ron Cross in public, a judicial no-no, the fact that Judge Bobby Christine and Judge Willie Saunders compose State Representative Ben Harbin’s campaign committee, another judicial no-no.  Why?  It seems pretty newsworthy, and so again, why are local print and radio media organizations hiding this from the public? 

Speaking of Ben Harbin, during his last contested race in 2008’s Republican primary, his opponent made a rather large faux pas.  Barry Paschal devoted not one column but two to it.  Another individual spelled Taxpayers, “Taxpayors”.  Barry Paschal made numerous references to it.  Barry Paschal described Ron Cross’ 2010 primary as “radioactive” on the part of his opponent.  His opponent did not even mention Ron Cross by name, and, Paschal lumped the opponent in with the “Taxpayors (sic)” Council.  As a refresher, the Taxpayers Council ran numerous ads about Ron Cross’ failed businesses and Columbia County’s official numbers.  For some reason, Paschal took offense to it…it was all true and no one challenged the numbers or facts (if you exclude the we don’t like the truth crowd).  Of our 5 commissioners, the chairman has run more than one business into bankruptcy, one refused to pay rent for his business’ location and moved to another location and informed the media that no rent will be paid if the owner rents a space to a rehabilitation center, and another took his business, a bank, to a high rating of C-minus and a low of D-minus.  Again, local media shields its friends.

Speaking of spelling errors, in May 4th’s News Times, it was alleged that Georgia has a “Hankcock” County.  So how many columns will be devoted to the errors of paid journalists, editors, and publishers?  

Since our local “news sources”, refuse to report news that is not flattering “their guys”, it is up to each of us to report the truth and hope that the public acts by not patronizing those sources, filing formal complaints with Georgia’s Judicial Qualifications Commission, the State Republican Party, and whoever else can help make government work for the people.  We will not stop and we ask you to join us.



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