The Letter that the News-Times would not print

It’s official! There was a letter submitted to The Columbia County News-Times that Barry Paschal refused to publish. Lee Benedict forwarded his letter to us, and he also sent Barry Paschal’s response to it that was sent to him 5 minutes later. Benedict also sent us links to whatever he mentioned and a phone call to the Secretary of State’s office Elections Division confirmed that Columbia County’s election department acted the way the law states it should. So, Benedict wrote a letter and sent it to Paschal who refused to publish it. We verified what Benedict wrote, except for the judge endorsing Ron Cross, but he swears that he heard the recording of the speech. Below is what Lee Benedict sent to us Tuesday afternoon that includes Barry Paschal’s response:

Dear Columbia County Conservative Viewpoint:

Some people have contacted me and stated that you would like for me to A) confirm that I submitted a “Letter to the Editor” of The Columbia County News-Times that will not be published, and B) submit the letter to you for publication. I did visit your website and read your thread regarding this matter.

Yes, I did submit such a letter on Wednesday, April 20, 2011 at 5:17pm EST which you will find below:

From: Lee Benedict [mailto:]
Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 5:17 PM
To: Paschal, Barry
Subject: To the Editor

Covering the costly special election to replace Scott Dean, News-Times Publisher Barry Paschal wrote, “The candidates had ‘R’ or ‘D’ after their names, designating a party affiliation…That shouldn’t have happened.” OCGA 21-2-540 states, “Candidates in special elections for partisan offices shall be listed on the ballot according to party affiliation.” Paschal regularly boasts accuracy in reporting and mocks those who err (i.e., “Taxpayors”…). Yet he brazenly reports a boldfaced lie. Why?

At Ron Cross’ re-election campaign announcement, a judge endorsed Cross and said, “We have not lived beyond our means. We have been faithful stewards.” Really judge? What is Columbia County’s debt? Canon 7 of The Georgia Code of Judicial Conduct forbids judges from making “speeches for a political…candidate or publicly” endorsing “a candidate for public office”. His friends at The Columbia County News-Times ignored this forbidden act. And why not, he endorsed Cross.

Columbia County claims 928 tax-exempt properties exist. Stating that it lists numbers provided by the county, Georgia’s Revenue Department reports we have 3,518. Demanding I investigate the substantial discrepancy, Paschal mocked me for informing him of this through his newspaper’s website. Who’s the publisher? Why a near-400% discrepancy? Again, Paschal’s allegiance to Cross & Co. trumps facts and legitimate news.

Promoting his next TCCNT edition on Facebook, Paschal published, “Just one of the many fun things you can find”: “The boy’s mother…told police that she…discovered a video of her son on her 8-year-old daughter’s digital camera. She said her son forced his sister to video him as he sat naked…and masturbated.” “This kid is 12.”

“Fun”? Really Barry. Plus, this was not in the Police Blotter as Paschal’s full post promised, so why mention it? And the school board allows Paschal to frequent our schools every year to read to children?

What credible publisher insults numerous people during discussions on the paper’s website and is hostile towards his readership? Terrible business practice and inappropriate and unprofessional commentary is always publicly displayed by Paschal who does not have the best interest of Columbia County, or truth, guiding him when he clearly uses company resources for other purposes.

On Wed, Apr 20, 2011 at 5:22 PM, Paschal, Barry wrote:
Sell it elsewhere, Lee. You won’t use this forum for your petty, petulant tantrum.


Barry L. Paschal
The Columbia County News-Times
Georgia’s Best Community Newspaper

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Green notice: Please consider printing multiple copies of this message to help counteract all the otherwise well-meaning ecological hysteria that is hurting our Georgia tree farmers, loggers and paper producers.



2 thoughts on “The Letter that the News-Times would not print

  1. Wow! Now that is what I call journalistic integrity!

    Posted by Dave in Evans | April 28, 2011, 10:39 pm
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