We Hurt Their Feelings

Well, well, well! Seems as if we stepped on some toes with our first blog.  Barry “I can dish it out but I can’t take it” Paschal has burned up Facebook with his disdain for our comments.  We made that prediction, and the old saying “a hit dog will holler, but a stupid dog will keep on hollering” is appropriate.  Why does the truth always solicit Paschal’s attacks? He reminds us of CNN when conservatives tell the truth about President Obama.  This seems to be the only defense of fanatical and shallow minded people when they don’t get their way.

Comments we didn’t anticipate were received from the newest Chairman of the Columbia County Republican Party, Mr. Brian Slowinski.  We won’t repeat his language, but it appears he is a good soldier and was only following Paschal’s lead.  It reminds us of a dog with his annoying squeak toy.

We heard that Slowinski’s latest mantra is “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican”.  Answer this question to yourself:  Would you speak ill about Linda Schrenko, Robin Williams or Duke Cunningham?  They were all Republicans.  We don’t believe having an “R” behind your name automatically makes your actions correct, and we believe the Columbia County Republican Party leadership should do some serious soul searching if they want to avoid future embarrassments.  They can start by reading and understanding their own basic party principles.



One thought on “We Hurt Their Feelings

  1. Mr. Brian Slowinski also doesn’t believe in freedom of speech unless it’s the speech he wants to hear. He called Leon McLamb, who is not even a member of the Columbia County Republican Party and asked him to take a political cartoon off his Facebook Page because he didn’t agree with the cartoon and thought it was offensive.

    Posted by lcu1577 | April 26, 2011, 6:58 am

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