Puppets On A String

Puppets On A String

Columbia County Conservative Viewpoint represents a group that is concerned with ongoing issues in our local government.  A handful of people appear to be living well with our tax dollars and we are beginning a mission to expose them.  Please keep up with our posts and you will learn why we have these concerns.

We would like to start with an urgent situation involving the upcoming election for District 4 commissioner.  There are two candidates in the runoff to be held on April 12, a RINO Republican and a Democrat.

Bill Morris, who bills himself as a Republican, spent his entire career spending our tax dollars.  He’s a retired teacher/school principal, and it appears that he has only recently considered himself a Republican.  Many of the teachers who worked for Morris describe him as arrogant.

Vernon Thomas, the Democrat, is a self employed businessman and he spent many years earning his living by working hard.  The employees of Thomas seem to have a lot of respect for their boss, and most people who contract for his services describe him as “honest, reliable and hard working”.

We find it strange that Bill Morris started quietly campaigning for the seat in early December of last year.  Why was he the only one that knew Scott Dean was going to resign in January?  Could it be that he had inside information?  If you look at his earliest supporters, Ron Cross and Barry (I can dish it out but I can’t take it) Paschal, it’s easy to come to that conclusion.  We believe Morris was hand picked by Cross and his son in law Mike Sleeper, who serves on the school board, to replace their latest embarrassment and close friend, Scott Dean.

It is sad that most Democrats in Columbia County complain that our local officials, all of them self proclaimed Republicans, are spending too much money.  (swimming pools and parks and buildings and parking decks and…………)

If Bill Morris wins the election, we think there will be one more puppet added to the “tax and spend” show.



2 thoughts on “Puppets On A String

  1. I have been attending the CCRP meetings and breakfasts for years. I NEVER saw Bill Morris at any Republican Party function until the February breakfast where all candidates for the District 4 Commission seat were invited to speak. Has anyone checked in which primary elections he has voted? I’ll bet all of Ron Cross’ ill-gotten gains that he’s a solid Democrat.

    Posted by threeinchesoffury | April 11, 2011, 9:09 pm
  2. Commission Chairman
    Ron C. Cross
    Reminds me of
    Hogg, The Boss


    Posted by Burma-Shave | April 17, 2011, 7:35 pm

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